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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Staying Safe in Kansas Weather

This Kansas weather has been quite strange lately.  Stormy weather started early this year (February).  The barometric pressure has been doing crazy things that has been leading to migraines I haven't had for years.  I thought it was April showers that were supposed to bring May flowers, but the forecast shows rain expected for much of May.  Now, I'm not complaining about nice gentle rain, but I'd rather not deal with thunderstorms.  And, as long as I'm making requests, can we have nice gentle rain during the night and beautiful sunny days?  It certainly makes taking my power chair out doable and much more pleasant.

Tonight we had a storm that took me by surprise.  We had a beautiful walk home from school and a fun evening with the kiddos and their friends and a pleasant ride to church.  Suddenly, we're in the church and it starts pouring and hailing.  This gets me to thinking, what am I to do if a tornado warning comes while I'm in an inaccessible building?  I hear the class from upstairs running downstairs because of the weather.  My co-teacher checks to see if there are any warnings.  I know I will send her downstairs with the class if needed.  Their safety is my primary concern (and the safety of my own kiddos).  I know they can get to the basement if needed.  But, then what about me?  Where will I go?  Where is there an interior room with no windows?  I can't think of one.  Inside the baptistery would seem to be the safest place on the first floor, but I can't get there.  So, what is a wheelchair user to do?  Where should I go to be safe in an inaccessible building?  At that moment, I longed for the security of my home with a basement and stair chair to help me get there.  What do you think?  How do I stay safe?  Do I just stay at home during the stormy time of year?  When is that exactly?  Do I stay glued to the weather report and not venture outside my home if there is even the chance of a storm?  What about weird, unexpected storms that seem to form over my head?  Or, do I just accept the fact that some places are inaccessible and not let fear keep me from going there?  Do I just live my life and trust that God will protect me or take me home to Heaven if it is my time?  If that is the case, why do any of us seek storm shelter?  I'm really struggling to process all of this.  Please send your comments and let me know what you think I should do.  How do I stay safe and not get paralyzed by fear?

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Blue and Gold Cub Scout Banquet

We got to attend the Blue and Gold Banquet to witness the ceremony celebrating our son's cub scout accomplishments this year.  (and other scouts too, of course).  The Tiger Cubs get the excitement of a candle ceremony.  This year, the only Tiger Scout that was at the banquet was our son.  So, we told him the candles were all for him.  He was even told he could blow them out after his part of the ceremony, but he wouldn't do it.

The candles all had special meaning representing Tiger Cub Scouts.  The while is for purity of living; orange for knowledge and joy; and black for strength and courage to face the unknown.  
He managed to follow the Tiger Cub motto this year: "Search, Discover, Share."  I can't wait to see what next year holds.

I'm so proud of his hard work and accomplishments.  Proud that he achieved his Tiger Cub Scout award.  Now we're on to Wolf Scout.
Our Tiger Cub Scout

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Pee Wee Track Meet

Time for the annual Pee Wee Track Meet.  Each grade wears the same color shirt which makes for a fun, rainbow colored field.  And, it makes it much easier to find your kiddos.  You just look for the mass of kids with their colored shirt.  This year I was following yellow shirted girls and white shirted boys around.  It's definitely easier to follow than if everyone was in the shirt of their choice. :)  And, for the fifth year in a row, I managed to see all of my kiddos' events.  I keep thinking we'll surely miss one while we're watching the other kid, but so far we've been lucky.  

Each athlete can choose either 2 field events and 1 running event OR 2 running events and 1 field event.  Our kiddos made opposite choices.  They both chose the softball throw, but that was the end of the similarity.  Our daughter chose the shortest race possible for her age group and 2 field events.  Besides the softball throw, she chose the running long jump.  Our son wanted to run the 400m race, and was disappointed it was not available for his age group.  So, he chose to run the two longest races available for his age group.  :)

I hated the 400m more than any race I ever ran.  I felt like in order to win, you had to sprint the entire way, instead of pacing yourself and sprinting at the end.  I only ran track one year in Jr. High and for some strange reason was put with the distance runners.  Who knows what the track coach was thinking?  Our daughter is already learning the joy of track.  Performing in the events is really a break in the REAL track meet activity--socializing.  That was the most fun part of track for me and looks like it might be for her as well.  :)

What was your favorite event in track?  My favorite was the 200m race.  It was long enough to get up to speed, but not long enough to make me winded and dying on the track.  I also loved the hurdles, but they didn't love me.  It was those hurdle that caused me to kiss the track more than once.  :)  Which events did your crazy coach make you do that you didn't like (whether or not you were good)?

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Please Follow Rules of the Road

This is a post I've really debated writing for quite some time.  How can you ask people to stop doing something that they're doing to be nice?  My initial response was that I have a traumatic brain injury and it confuses me when I'm trying to remember the pedestrian rules of the road, but the driver's aren't following theirs.  I haven't written this because maybe my confusion was all due to my brain injury and no one else should take responsibility for that.  Also, I always have a care attendant with me to let me know for sure when it's safe to cross the street.  So, while I might get confused by some cars stopping to let me pass--I was never in any real danger.

Well, this week, I noticed my son expecting all cars to stop for HIM.  I'm sure this is probably because some do stop for me while he is with me.  I'm sorry to those who HAD to stop.  Thank you so much that you did!!!

It's confusing for those trying to remember appropriate rules of the road when not everyone follows them.  Please help me teach road safety by following the rules of the road yourself.  I've even known of fender benders happening when one car didn't realize the car in front had stopped to let someone cross the street.  Please let's everyone just follow the rules of the road.  I promise to stop at all intersections and wait my turn to cross and hopefully teach my children to do the same.  If you have a Stop sign, please stop.  But, if you have the right of way, please keep driving.  Let's keep everyone safe.

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Shrine Circus

BONUS!!!  We were so excited to find out that the Shrine Circus happened to be in Salina the weekend we were there for scouts.  It was even more exciting that there were tickets available and a performance that fit into our schedule.  It has been years since I've been to a three-ring circus and this was the kiddos first experience.  It was so exciting to watch the acts in the three rings and the smooth transition between acts.  Our daughter even figured out that the clowns came to help make the transition between acts smoother.  Plus, they are just plain fun to watch.  :)

Probably the most fun for me was the shine in the kiddos eyes while they watched the circus.  Excitement is contagious!!!  Our son's favorite act was the flying trapeze.  (mine too!)  Eric and our daughter's favorite act was a magic act where the magician's assistant kept changing dresses magically in a silver tube.  We were all nervous by some of the acrobatic acts including the acrobat who walked around the silver rocket.  He reminded me of a hamster in a wheel--until he got on top of the wheel.  :)  Then, we were all nervous thinking he would fall off.  Breathtaking!

During intermission, our son got to ride an elephant.  You could choose to ride ponies, a camel, or an elephant.  Since he's ridden ponies/horses and even a camel before, he choose the elephant.  It is a definitely an unique experience.  When asked how it was, he said SCARY!!!!  Guess there's a reason riding an elephant is an unique experience.

 Of course, you can't have a true circus experience without cotton candy.  Our daughter loved finding discarded beaded necklaces and other circus souvenirs after it was all over.  She said that was her favorite part.  :)  The kids each got a smiley face hand stamp from a clown on the way into the circus.  I got a surprise one on my cheek on the way out.  I told everyone I had been kissed by a clown.  :)

FYI--Frozen Lemonade is great for a sore tooth.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

This Is My Father's World

It's not every week that I have such a reaction to a song while planning worship that I feel I need to share, but I did this week.  I was looking through my CDs and accidentally ran into Amy Grant Legacy--Hymns & Faith in a different CD case.  It immediately took me back and I knew there was one song I would use this week.  This CD was in the CD changer in my car the night of the accident.  Thank you so much to my husband who knew how important it was to me and worked tirelessly to get it out.  This CD has also been one I listened to frequently when I was driving home from work as a family therapist.  In fact, I had called my work partner after a particularly rough day at work and sang one verse on her work voice mail.  After my accident, when I talked to her, she let me know she had saved it on her voice mail to listen to when she had a rough day at work.  It's a great daily reminder for all of us.  "Though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet."  May we all remember that every day.

When I listened to the song, a had my hands raised to Heaven and tears streaming down my face.  Here it is for you to listen to.  I hope you have an amazing worship experience of your own.

"In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome this world."--Jesus (John 16:33 NIV)