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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Party for My Feet

My first task while going through Sarah Ban Breathnach's book, Romancing the Ordinary: A Year of Simple Splendor, depressed me.  We were encouraged to go sock shopping and find several different types of socks to pamper our feet.  I started feeling sorry for myself.  For the last 10 years, sock (and shoe) shopping has been all about the practical and what will fit with my brace.  I've had to let go of the idea of sock and shoe shopping for fun and go with the what will fit my feet idea.

I found myself remembering the sock shop we discovered while visiting Sydney Australia.   Imagine with me for a moment.  We're just walking along downtown Sydney, checking out quaint shops along the way and talking about buying some Vegemite to take home.   We turn to walk into the next little shop, and it's like being hit with a bright light and rainbow on the wall.  Floor to ceiling walls covered with every type of sock imaginable.  There was no way to even begin to see the happiness all around me.  We spent a long time just enjoying the visual feast for our eyes and dreaming about how happy our feet would be every day if we had a closest with choices like this.  I don't remember the name of the stop, but I did find a website from a store in Australia that made me smile much the same way.  And, it is called Happy Feet.  If you want to check it out, here is the link.  I dare you not to smile.

Sorry, for the trip down memory lane.  Back to my story.  As I was feeling sorry for myself and wishing I could pamper my feet and have fun socks, I put on my Elmo knee highs one day.  At that moment, I felt struck by lightening.  I realized I did have fun socks.  I could have happy feet.  So, I decided to get photos of all my fun socks.  These make me smile and it's a private feeling that only my feet and I get to enjoy (unless of course I let you in on my little secret).  It's much like wearing a superhero shirt under your professional attire.  (I have to admit I do that too sometimes).  It's much easier to be a strong woman when I have my Wonder Woman shirt on giving me strength.

So, the next time I see you around, I dare you to pay attention to my socks.  Maybe they'll put a smile on your face too.  :)

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