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Friday, March 2, 2012


They changed the heaters at the grade school this week.  I know they needed it and I'm all for improvement and making sure everything is working properly and safely in our schools.  However, I will miss checking inside the heater to see what had been added.  There were all kinds of fun and interesting things that had been dropped down the cracks, including part of a Pop-Tart that had been there for years.  :)  Makes you wonder what exactly you are putting in your body when you ingest one???  I wonder just how long the new one will stay clean.  And, I wonder how many other people look inside to see what is there?

That got me thinking about the changes in my own school.  We all adapt to new paint or tile or windows.  We actually all adapt to any new changes.  Most are necessary.  I wouldn't want my kiddos to still be working on the same computers I had in school.  (or have the same textbooks)  The only thing I could think of that really made me sad about my old elementary school is when they changed the carpet in the Kindergarten room.  We had the coolest carpet with games printed on the carpet--it could be used for hopscotch, checkers, Chinese checkers, and other games.  It was AWESOME!!!  Well, unfortunately, carpet wears out and it needed replaced.  It was replaced with plain, boring, normal carpet.  :(

Necessary or not, change is hard.  Even though the new may be better, it still takes us time to adjust because it's different.  We get comfortable with the familiar even when it is not what is best for us.

What changes have you struggled with or at least had a moment of sadness about?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Are Side Effects Worse Than the Cure?

Reading the paperwork that comes with prescriptions can be a bit daunting.  I do not generally take prescription medications and after reading the paperwork with my new prescription, I understand why.  Have you ever really read these things?  Somehow, if I need an antibiotic for 5-10 days, I find myself more willing to put up with some minor potential side effects.  After all, I'm already sick and I'll be done with this medicine in a few days anyway.

Well, this medication has potentially fatal side effects.  Plus, have you noticed that the side effect of some medicines can create the very issue you are trying to treat?  When I read Eric the list of side effects, he said they sound like TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) symptoms anyway.  So, at least he knows what to look for.  Of course, how will we even know if I experience them anyway (cold fingers & toes, one-sided weakness, numbness and tingling, etc.)?  It sounds a little bit like everyday life.

I think I'll stick to my regimen of vitamins and minerals and avoid prescription meds as much as possible.  Of course,  I'll be glad to have it if I ever wake up with a headache that makes me think I'm dying.  I'm sure I'll want to take it then.  And, if I have fatal side effects, maybe I can at least die without a headache.  :)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Crazy Brain

I saw a neurologist for the first time in years.  I don't know exactly what she expected from seeing my latest MRI and I know my expectations were on the negative side based on past experiences.  I think, for both of us, our expectations did not meet reality.  I expected to meet a doctor who thought she had all the answers and did not listen to her patient, but only tried to solve whatever problems she thought I should have with prescription medication.  This was not the case.

I felt listened to and that she really wanted to help with the areas where I needed help and leave the areas where I am doing fine alone.  My brain appears to be a baffling maze of confusion for all.  Hence my, "If I Only Had a Brain" ring tone.  :)  I think seeing my MRI and then meeting me in person, might be baffling.  There are things I do that a picture of my brain would indicate I can't do or should have pain doing.  There are other things I cannot do that aren't explained by the MRI.  (I've always thought I was a complicated girl.  I guess that's true).  :)

I believe all doctors I've had contact with since the accident and suprised that I am not on prescription medications and have little to no pain.  They can't explain it.  I can.  God healed me of all pain.  I always say walking is overrated.  My chair does not keep me from functioning and doing what God has planned for my life.  If anyone does not believe I have been divinely healed, they should come to my next neurologist appointment.

I am thrilled that I cannot be defined by a piece of paper.  We humans are much more complex than that.  And, God is bigger than any human test.  I do not want people to be able to figure anything out about me (or my son) by a picture of our brain.  I want them to spend time getting to know the real us and see exactly what it is God can do.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

National Pancake Day

What are the chances that I would be in a town that has an IHOP at lunchtime on National Pancake Day.  Not great, but it did happen today.  Just in case you were wondering, International Pancake Day and the pancake flipping race between Liberal, Kansas and Olney, England was last Tuesday.  I know I was wondering and sad yet once again that I have NOT experienced that race (not even when I lived close).  :(  Today, however, was National Pancake Day and you could get a free short stack of pancakes at IHOP.  YUMMMMMM!!!!

Not only can you get free pancakes today, you can also make a donation to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.  What a great way to spend your day--eating yummy pancakes a making a donation to a worthy cause.

You can also get yourself prepared for this week's release of Dr. Seuss's The Lorax.  IHOP has some special meals in honor of the Lorax.  What better way to get yourself in the mood for fun!!  Beside, you can't help but smile when you see that fun, orange creature staring at you.

While you're there, don't forget to warm up your tummy with a flavored hot chocolate or coffee.  Especially if you're out in this Kansas wind.

If you're close to an IHOP, head on over and experience National Pancake Day.  If you're trying to watch your diet, you may worry this is not the best meal for you, but HEY--It's National Pancake Day and it only happens once a year.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Beginning of Crazy Hour

Every day I wait in the hall for school to end.  Then, the school bell rings and the craziness begins.  The bell rings and kids come filing into the hall, filling it from wall to wall, and many times running and knocking other kids over.  The closer they get to the door to outside, the faster the speed.  It's like fresh air and the outside are magnetic forces pulling them outside.  I have learned to stay parked in my wheelchair until the masses pass.  Sometimes, my chair still gets run into even though it is sitting still against the wall.  I'm never brave enough to try to part the masses and "swim upstream."

My kids seem to love school enough that they are in no hurry to leave and I sometimes (OK frequently) have to head to their classroom to collect them after the masses have left the building.  If I happen to be waiting near the 4th and 5th grade classrooms, I get to witness masses of cell phones being whipped out of pockets and attached to ears as they leave the building.  I understand why my daughter has been asking/begging for a phone, but I'm even more convinced she does not need one.  There is little to no interaction between students on their way out the door.  I don't want our children's only interaction with others to be through an electronic device.  Although sometimes giggling and being loud with friends kind of makes my ears ring, I would still prefer  that for hours than no human interaction.  Today, I witnessed a kid dragging his friend down the hall by his ankles.  Not my choice for interaction, but they were laughing and being kids.  I can't wait until it is warm enough after school, for the kids to get to play outside and laugh and run around and burn their energy.  If only they could send some of their energy this way.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

College Basketball

We had a chance to attend the FHSU/Emporia State Basketball with the Boy Scout Troop.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed watching live basketball games until we got there.  The energy is infectious and you can't help getting caught up in the moment whether or not you enjoy the game.  I do enjoy watching basketball itself and do understand the rules (which help).  However, it is the excitement of everything else going on around me that really makes the game worth watching.

It was fun to watch the scouts enjoy the game and try to catch basketballs the cheerleaders were throwing.  They all managed to get home with one and one nice scout brother even offered me one.  He even worried about whether or not I could see the game if he knelt by the rail in front of me.  Very thoughtful.  I was greatly impressed by some of the courteousness of the scouts that were with us--including my American Heritage Girl daughter.  :)  Maybe it helps that they have been around a wheelchair some and are more aware of my needs.  Maybe they are more courteous because they're scouts. ;)  Boy, do those scouts have more energy than I ever had.  I'm glad I was not expected to keep tabs on them (since I can't sit up in the stands)  They exhausted me just watching them.  I can't imagine how worn out I would have been trying to keep them all together and not running around the stadium.

Although we were there to watch basketball, I was most excited about watching other events.  It was moving to have the Star Spangled Banner played by local string students and get to see the scouts at attention--respecting the flag.  It brought tears to my eyes to see my son standing at attention.  It's always fun to watch the dancers.  It was even more fun to see one dance group that included our daughter's BFF.  How fun to get to watch a girl dance that is at our house every week.  It always makes watching more interesting if you know one of the performers.  I found myself looking specifically for her and watching her throughout the entire performance.

We even got to see a performance of  KISS Alive at the halftime of the boy's game.  They were going to do a concert after the game, but we are too old and tired to stay for that.  Eric and our daughter got to meet them before their halftime performance and get a basketball autographed.  I think this was their favorite part of our experience.  :)  Our daughter even stood for a picture with the weird guy who sticks out his tongue.  :)I have never seen KISS live in person before, but even I recognized who they were supposed to be.

We left after the halftime of the boys' game.  (Mostly because we're old and don't want to fight the crowds.)   The rest of the scouts got to stay and watch the rest of the game with the scout leaders who brought them.  We did listen to the game on the radio on our way out.  It sounds like we missed quite a bit of excitement.  Apparently, there was a bit of a fight between a couple of players and the Emporia State coach got a technical.  We could hear the crowd chanting, "KICK HIM OUT" over and over in the background of the radio.    The crowd definitely gets into the energy of the game.  There were, of course, fans yelling at the players.  We even got to see an elderly gentleman directing his section as the band played the alma mater.  The band and cheerleaders do a  great job stirring up the excitement of the crowd and the mascot is always fun to watch!

We even go to witness a proposal.  I'm sure he was glad she said "Yes!"