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Sunday, February 26, 2012

College Basketball

We had a chance to attend the FHSU/Emporia State Basketball with the Boy Scout Troop.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed watching live basketball games until we got there.  The energy is infectious and you can't help getting caught up in the moment whether or not you enjoy the game.  I do enjoy watching basketball itself and do understand the rules (which help).  However, it is the excitement of everything else going on around me that really makes the game worth watching.

It was fun to watch the scouts enjoy the game and try to catch basketballs the cheerleaders were throwing.  They all managed to get home with one and one nice scout brother even offered me one.  He even worried about whether or not I could see the game if he knelt by the rail in front of me.  Very thoughtful.  I was greatly impressed by some of the courteousness of the scouts that were with us--including my American Heritage Girl daughter.  :)  Maybe it helps that they have been around a wheelchair some and are more aware of my needs.  Maybe they are more courteous because they're scouts. ;)  Boy, do those scouts have more energy than I ever had.  I'm glad I was not expected to keep tabs on them (since I can't sit up in the stands)  They exhausted me just watching them.  I can't imagine how worn out I would have been trying to keep them all together and not running around the stadium.

Although we were there to watch basketball, I was most excited about watching other events.  It was moving to have the Star Spangled Banner played by local string students and get to see the scouts at attention--respecting the flag.  It brought tears to my eyes to see my son standing at attention.  It's always fun to watch the dancers.  It was even more fun to see one dance group that included our daughter's BFF.  How fun to get to watch a girl dance that is at our house every week.  It always makes watching more interesting if you know one of the performers.  I found myself looking specifically for her and watching her throughout the entire performance.

We even got to see a performance of  KISS Alive at the halftime of the boy's game.  They were going to do a concert after the game, but we are too old and tired to stay for that.  Eric and our daughter got to meet them before their halftime performance and get a basketball autographed.  I think this was their favorite part of our experience.  :)  Our daughter even stood for a picture with the weird guy who sticks out his tongue.  :)I have never seen KISS live in person before, but even I recognized who they were supposed to be.

We left after the halftime of the boys' game.  (Mostly because we're old and don't want to fight the crowds.)   The rest of the scouts got to stay and watch the rest of the game with the scout leaders who brought them.  We did listen to the game on the radio on our way out.  It sounds like we missed quite a bit of excitement.  Apparently, there was a bit of a fight between a couple of players and the Emporia State coach got a technical.  We could hear the crowd chanting, "KICK HIM OUT" over and over in the background of the radio.    The crowd definitely gets into the energy of the game.  There were, of course, fans yelling at the players.  We even got to see an elderly gentleman directing his section as the band played the alma mater.  The band and cheerleaders do a  great job stirring up the excitement of the crowd and the mascot is always fun to watch!

We even go to witness a proposal.  I'm sure he was glad she said "Yes!"

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