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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Learning to Be Still

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Now I'm home with my leg in a boot, but it needs to be elevated and immobilized much of the time.  What does this mean for me.  It means when I'm in my chair I have my footplate on the right side which I discover makes it impossible for me to get as close to things as I used to..  When I don't have to be in my chair, I am on the couch with my leg elevated and iced much of the time.  It's important to keep my leg as still as possible and put no weight on it.  We don't want bones to shift and create even more of an issue than I already have.  It means my independence is totally decreased.  I must depend on others.  I am so thankful I have others I can depend on.

I had been contacted by my college friend about the LeadHer program before I headed out for summer vacation and service dog training.  I had left it that I would get back to her when I returned in July.  Well, I did, and my time to sit gave me a lot of time to research this program.  God's timing is so perfect.  The May training video was titled "Be Still."  Look at the time God gave me when I could do nothing but be still.  Being still is HARD.  I found myself wanting to fill my time on the couch with reading or researching stuff.  And, that is all good stuff (if you're reading soul nourishing stuff).  I read tons of great books during this summer and learned so much.  But, sitting still and listening to God is HARD.  Quiet is HARD.  I feel like I should be doing something all the time and even when there are those who can do for me, it is still not easy and relaxing.  My personality wants to do for myself.  But, I couldn't.  So, I learned to let go and let others do for me even if it wasn't the way I would have done it myself.  I hope that's a lesson I learned that I will hold onto even when I can do more.

"God proves to be good to the man who passionately waits, to the woman who diligently seeks.  It's a good thing to quietly hope, quietly hope for help from God.  It's a good thing when you're young to stick it out through the hard times.  When life is heavy and hard to take, go off by yourself.  Enter the silence.  Bow in prayer.   Don't ask questions:  Wait for hope to appear.  Don't run from trouble.  Take it full-face.  The "worst" is never the worst."  Lamentations 3:25-30 MSG

I couldn't spend a lot of time blogging and sitting at my computer.  That was frustrating for me and the reason I was absent for much of the summer.  Healing takes energy.  So, even though I already need a ton of sleep and a nap most every afternoon, I needed even more sleep.  Who would have thought sitting on the couch doing nothing would wear me out?  But it did, I spent much of the summer on the couch, much of it sleeping.  Guess I should have expected my body to take energy from somewhere to knit bones together.  Who knew?
But, I can do this.  I should get the boot off and be back to normal life by the end of August.


What is it like for you to be still?
Have you ever been forced to be still?
How did you fill your time?
Do you practice being still on a regular basis?

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Thanksgiving for the day:
76.  The joy of my son as he looks at his prize from Bingo last night
77.  Amazon wish list
78.  Happy sounds coming from kid's bedrooms
79,  Our daughter asking to make dinner
80.  No coat needed in mid-November
81.  Being kicked out of my kitchen
82.  Kids who "dress" for dinner
83.  Candlelit dinner of pizza rolls and Dr. Pepper with china and long stem glasses and mood music

Friday, November 16, 2012

Danger of Social Media

Social media can be wonderful. I love the ability to connect instantly with friends and family around the world.  When I have questions or want to talk to somebody, I can do it instantly.  And, typing is way better than texting for me.  But, there is a danger with social media.  Since communication can be instant, sometimes you can post something without thinking it through or making sure it goes through internal filters.  Some feelings are not meant to be shared with the world.  Some thoughts, ideas, feelings should be sorted through privately and often in time with God before you share it with the world.  Social media also lends itself to misinterpretation.  Without the benefit of watching body language, facial gestures, and tone of voice--you may not always get what someone is really trying to say.   Everyone lives with a set of social cues and things that are just understood in their neighborhood.  Well, those don't easily transfer through social media.  Sometimes, what can mean one thing in one part of the country means something entirely different in another part of the country.  And, since social media instantly reaches all parts of the country/world, it is easy to be misinterpreted.  So, what do we do about it?  That's what I want to know from all of you.  Please comment and let me know your ideas about how to make social media a positive experience for everyone.

What are your thoughts about social media?
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Thanksgiving for the Day
68.  Knowing how to stretch out leg cramps
69.  Azure bracing to help me transfer
70.  Alarm clocks with snooze buttons
71.  Christian music channel on TV
72.  MP3 Player
73.  Download able sermons
74.  Fun family events put on my the PTO
75.  Flashlights

Thursday, November 15, 2012


"God doesn't require us to succeed; He only requires that you try."
                                                              Mother Teresa

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Thanksgiving for today:
65.   Finding a youth group that "fits"
66.  When technology works
67.  Hearing good things about your children from others

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"1000 Gifts" Book Review

While all of Women of Faith was amazing, I was really inspired by Ann Voscamp and her speech.  She has written a book called 1000 Gifts and I was equally inspired by that.  In fact, I was so inspired that I feel like this should be shared with everyone I know.  This blog is one attempt to do that.  I will also be speaking at two churches on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and sharing with more people.  What better time of year to share about counting your blessings and that Thanksgiving is not just a holiday; it is a way of life.

Not everyone who heard Ann speak was quite as inspired as I was.  It took me reading part way through the book before I realized why.  I think God taught me through the accident to "give thanks IN everything" not FOR everything, but IN everything.  So, this concept of giving thanks every day is one I have been practicing for the past few years.  I did not do it everyday and did not write down my blessings, however.  Ann's book really spoke to me because it put into words what I have been living and experiencing for myself.  Since I didn't do it daily, I can speak from experience that when you make it a point to give thanks, peace and joy fills your heart.  When it is full of thanksgiving, there is no room for negative feelings like fear and doubt.  It is not easy to do, but it really does work that way.  When I have experienced moments of "being down" over the past few years, I realized I have not been daily giving thanks.  This book put into words what God has been trying to teach me.

Perhaps the part that most stood out to me was the reference to the Last Supper. Luke 22:19 reads "And He took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, 'This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.'"  Could this mean we were commanded to not only eat the bread, but also give thanks?  How could I have missed that all my life?  Giving thanks is so important to do DAILY not just one day or one month per year.

It is also important not just to give thanks when things are good.  We shouldn't just count our blessings when blessings are easy to find.  We need to practice looking for blessings when the world would say things are so terrible there are no blessings to be found.  There are always blessings to be found.  We just have to practice looking for them and giving thanks.  Jesus gave thanks at the Last Supper just before His arrest and crucifixion knowing what was coming.  If He can give thanks at that time, we can give thanks in our darkest days.  Remember it is give thanks IN everything not FOR everything.  It is possible and it is what we are supposed to do.

"Thanksgiving always precedes the miracle."--Ann Voscamp
I have been blessed by so many miracles, I definitely have so much to be thankful for.  It is important to be thankful for things even in the midst of struggles, but then also remember to be thankful when the miracle comes.

Do you remember to give thanks IN everything?
When have you experienced "Thanksgiving always precedes the miracle"/
What do you do when blessings are hard to find?

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Thanksgiving for today:
58.  My daughter being recognized for her writing skills
59  The creativity and bonding making lunches has created
60.  Willingness to try new foods
61.  Apologetics for kids
62.  Library card catalog online
63.  Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Wash
64.  When a child is declared "normal" during IEP testing

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Human Acclaim vs. Divine Approval

"If we, as the continuing company of Jesus, have achieved an easy accommodation with our society and culture, how did we manage to pull off what Jesus and his community of followers failed to accomplish?  How has it come to pass that after twenty centuries of rejection, we assume that human acclaim is tantamount to divine approval?"  --Eugene H. Peterson

How do we remain true to Christ's teachings without alienating those around us?
How do we show others the Way without making them angry or chasing them away?
How do I keep from being pulled down into society when trying to help pull others up to Christ?
Why do we assume eventually if we live Christian lives that those around us will naturally approve of us?
Why do we expect less challenge and difficulty than Christ?

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Thankful for today:
53.  Back to the Basics
54.  LeadHer
55.  Resealable Boy Scout popcorn bags
56.  Holiday treat recipes (and finding the stuff to make it happen)
57.  Knowing where my keys are

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Pain Arrives

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Now it is Monday morning and the pain has arrived.  I am managing it with over-the-counter meds and ice and elevation.  I am able to function through my days, but I am worn out faster and my emotions are more on edge.  I still say I would rather deal with this than side effects from prescription pain meds.  The good news is Azure and I are fast learners and really bonded well at this point.  So, my trainer is comfortable letting me go home a little early to see my own doctor.  So, I make an appointment for Thursday and am relieved that I will be getting medical care from someone I trust and who knows my history.  My accident and drop foot and lack of sensation in that leg complicate matters.  I am not comfortable just having any doctor treat me without knowledge of my history.

I am plugging though this; getting through the training; hopefully learning all I need to know: icing and elevating my leg; resting whenever possible; and looking forward to heading home Wednesday after lunch.  It is HOT, HOT, HOT and where we are headed is the hottest spot in the nation.  Unfortunately, my van is without air conditioning.  So that fact added to the thought that I could have one extra afternoon of training, pushes our departure back until Thursday am--bright and early.  This news breaks me.  No longer can I act strong knowing I'll be home soon.  Our departure has only been moved a few hours, but I'm not sure I can manage to be strong one minute more.  So, I have a mental break down and cry my eyes out.  Thanks to the trainers for putting up with my emotional mess and being strong when I just can't one minute more.

Of course I do make it one minute more.  I make it until we leave bright and early Thursday morning.  And, I sit in the middle seat in the van so I can elevate my leg all the way home.  I make it to my doctor and she takes one look at my x-rays and immediately calls Hays Orthopedic.  I get to see the same doctor I saw last year for my broken foot.  I hope this doesn't become a summer trend.  It seriously messes up my water chair time and water aerobics.  But, I'm glad I get to see her because she takes my history into consideration and I don't get a plaster cast.  With my lack of sensation and history of pressure sores on that foot, I need to be able to removed the cast and look at my skin daily.  We don't want to create a new problem that will take even longer to heal.  So, I just get a boot with the understanding that I will wear my foot plate on my chair and put no weight EVER on my leg until it is healed.  Sounds like a summer of one-legged transferring for me.  Good thing my arms are strong.  :)


Have you ever reached the point you don't think you can be strong for one more minute?
What did you do?
Do you trust all medical professionals the same or do you need to see YOUR doctor?

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Thanksgiving for today:
41.  Clear sky
42.  Beautiful sunrise
43.  Great choices of where to worship God
44.  People willing to help me realize a dream
45.  Watching my dog jump high enough to be as tall as my husband
46.  Freedom of speech
47.  Friends and family who love me no matter how differing our viewpoints
48.  Pinterest
49. How God puts people together
50. People willing to help me work through my struggles.
51. Puppy dog eyes
52. Trusting dog that comes straight to my side

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veterans Day

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Thanksgiving for the Day:
38. A warm home with steady walls to keep out the blustering wind
39. Technology that allows for instant connection with friends
40. That my dog happily comes when called