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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Use Me

"Use me then, my Savior, for whatever purposes and in whatever way you may require.  Here is my poor heart, an empty vessel; fill it with your grace."
                                                                      --D.L. Moody

Are you willing to be used in whatever way He requires?
Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone if that is what He asks?

Thanksgiving for today:

132.  My dog is right there to brace when I need extra support
133.  God putting a song in your heart no matter your physical location or what is going on around you
134.  When I am hungry the question is only "What will I eat?" and not "Will I eat?"
135.  Seeing representation of the real meaning of Christmas downtown
136.  The line at the live nativity being nearly as long as the one to see Santa
137.  Hearing Christ's name in song over the loudspeaker downtown
138.  Support in parenting decisions
139.  Snickerdoodles

Friday, November 23, 2012

Trust the Creator

"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen."--Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Thanksgiving for today:
116.  Time with family
117.  Thanksgiving dinner with all my favorites made by my mom
118.  Green Jell-O Salad
119.  Replay of Macy's parade in the afternoon.
120.  A husband who likes to shop
121.  Shoppers who will make room for a wheelchair and a dog through CRAZY Wal-mart
122.  Shoppers who are willing to help others and not think solely about themselves
123.  Stores getting smart and giving a limited number of tickets for big ticket items to avoid the mad rush and people getting hurt
124.  Enough employees at stores to help manage the mass of people as well as possible
125.  A well-behaved service dog who stayed right with me and managed the mass of shoppers
126.  Figuring out how to manuver in the store to avoid the areas of most people
127.  Employees who let me cross under the caution tape to shop for non-holiday special items
128.  Christmas music
129.  Finding the gift you hope will bring joy
130.  A song in my heart
131.  Finding room for new technology

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving for today:
110.  My son taking trash out willingly and quickly
111.  My son is outgrowing books as his reading improves
112.  I have clean clothes to fold for each member of my family
113.  Catch the mailman on time
114.  More money in checks that came in the mail than bills due that came in the mail today
115.  The ability to cook dinner for my family

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Be a Blessing

One of my Grandma's favorite sayings is: "I'm just trying to be a blessing."  I know we need to bless others, but I don't think we should rob others of their chance to bless as well.  We shouldn't be focused on being so independent that we don't allow others to "be a blessing."

Check out Gretchen Rubin's thoughts on this topic:

When have you let someone be a blessing for you?
Do you struggle with being blessed and always want to be the one blessing?
Can you be a gracious receiver?

Why don't we practice being thankful to others, as well as to God.

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Thanksgiving for today:
106:  Dishes put in the sink
107.  Clean, soft dog
108.  Kids willing to help out when needed
109.  Beautiful sounds of singing coming from the back room

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thank God No Matter What Happens

"Thank God no matter what happens.   This is how God wants you who belong to Jesus Christ to live."
                                                                             --I Thessalonians 5:18 (MSG)

Thanksgiving for today:
97.   Weekly staff meeting
98.  Christmas decorations going up in the Christmas city of the High Plains
99.  People who hold doors open
100. Church with a pastor in the office and people stopping by
101. God putting a song in your heart wherever you are
102. Working Healthy
103. Disability rights in Kansas (thanks Bob Dole)!!
104. Finding out Farkle is packaged in Kansas
105.Neighbors who come bearing dessert

Monday, November 19, 2012

Give Thanks

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Thanksgiving for today:
 Professional sources of knowledge
Clear skies
Once Upon a Time
Community Appreciation Night

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Have a New Kid by Friday Book Review

I read Have a New Kid By Friday by Dr. Kevin Leman twice.  The first time I was away from my kids so although it was great, I couldn't implement the ideas.  Then, after I came home I read it again.  What I learned both times is that it's not really about changing your kids.  It's really about changing yourself as a parent. 

It's been awhile since I read it, so I'm not going to remember details.  What I do remember is B doesn't happen until A is done.  Now, that's no fun for anyone.  Especially when you know it is something they would really like to do and that would even be good for them.  Why is it at those moments, we think it will help get things done by nagging and reminding and sometimes even raising our voices?  Does this ever really work?  Of course not!!  It just makes everyone upset as well as not getting whatever done.  Just telling them once what needs to happen and then letting them take responsibility OR B doesn't happen saves my sanity.  It keeps me from outwardly getting upset and engaging in conflict.  It does not keep them from getting upset when B doesn't happen, but it does seem to make A happen faster the next time.

It's a lot about letting the child experience natural consequences, especially if something is really only a molehill.
That leaves you the opportunity to focus your energy on the things that are truly MOUNTAINS in your life.  
Before working on behavior, make sure you have a great connection.  And, practice the ABCs: "show unconditional acceptance, emphasize Belonging in your family, and spur your child on to Competence?"

I try to keep the Top 10 Countdown where I can refer to it frequently and I can always reread the book whenever I find myself needing a refresher.  It is on my Kindle so it is usually with me.  The biggest thing to remember is that it is really about changing myself and my reactions.  Which is good, because the only person I can change is ME.  :) 

Here is the Top Ten Countdown to Having a New Kid By Friday by Dr. Kevin Leman
10. Be 100 percent consistent in your behavior.
 9. Always follow through on what you say you will do.
 8.  Respond, don't react.
 7.  Count to 10 and ask yourself, "What would my old self do in this situation?  What should the new me do?"
 6.  Never threaten your kids.
 5.  Never get angry. (When you do get angry, apologize quickly).
 4.  Don't give any warnings. (If you warn your child, you're saying, 'You're so stupid, I have to tell you twice.")
 3.  Ask yourself "Whose problem is this?"  (Don't own what isn't yours.)
 2.  Don't think the misbehavior will go away.
 1.  Keep a happy face on, even when you want to , , , do something else.

Bottom line, Read This Book and try it out for yourself.  Then, let me know how it works for you.

What parenting techniques do you use?
Do you find when you read about parenting that it's more about changing your child or changing your own reactions and behavior?

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Thanksgiving for today:
84.  Recognition of how hard it is to be a Mom
85.  Sleeping In ('til 7:00am  :) )
86.  Celebration Hymnal
87.  Large number of kids in church
88.  Making a joyful noise
89.  Church service full of thanksgiving and praise
90.  Children being comfortable enough to share mistakes
91.  The right people in the right places at the right time
92.  Eric having expertise in the needed areas