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Friday, January 30, 2015

It's Not Over 'Til It's Over

My T-Shirt

I'm getting ready to watch the Big Game this weekend--Superbowl XLIX.  Those of you who know me well, know that I am not the biggest sports fan.  I generally watch ONE NFL game per year and that is only for the commercials.  But, I am a Seattle Seahawks fan and have been since Junior High.  And, I am a loyal fan.  They were doing well when I was in Junior High and then they were not doing so well for awhile.  Now, they are doing well again and I'm thrilled that I have stayed a loyal fan.  Please let me apologize in advance to real sports fans.  As you read this, I'm sure you'll notice that I am not a huge sports fan and I'm certain I'll make all kinds of errors.  So, read this not as a sports report, but through the eyes of a Seahawks fan who picked up life lessons from this game.

So, this year, I plan to watch TWO games.  I plan to watch the Superbowl and I did watch most of the NFC Championship a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't get on the very beginning of the game so when I turned on the TV it was 16-0 not in the Seahawks favor.  :(  I didn't worry too much because I figured they were just waiting for me to arrive to support them.  So, I put on my Seahawks t-shirt and settled in to watch the game.

I have to admit, I am a loyal fan, but I didn't believe in my team.  When the score was the same by halftime, I had given up.  I thought I'd be watching the Super Bowl only for the commercials and not care about the outcome of the game itself.  I was convinced there would not be repeat NFC champions.  I lost faith in my team.

But, I sure am glad they hadn't lost faith in themselves.  I was getting frustrated at the amount of interceptions.   It just seemed like they couldn't manage to get the ball where they wanted it to go.  There were five Seahawk turnovers in this game  But, they didn't seem to every give up hope.  The last four minutes or so were probably the most exciting football I have seen in my life.  Now, I know that is not saying much since I only watch on average ONE game per year, but even I was whooping and hollering.  Probably the first time noise came out of my mouth was when the punter faked a field goal and threw it in for a touchdown.  Not that a turn over is ever a good thing, but when the Seahawks intercepted and got the momentum to not only tie the game but be actually ahead by three points, I was on the edge of my seat.  Then, the Packers tied the game for the final score of 22-22 and into overtime we go.  I could not believe my eyes as I watched the Seahawks score quickly in overtime and the Packers never had the chance to play offense.  I may have doubted my team for a moment, but I will never doubt them again.

This football game was full of life lessons that I think are important for anyone to learn.  I know, only I would be looking for something more than entertainment out of a NFL game.   I was getting frustrated with all the turn overs, but the Seahawks kept doing what they were supposed to and didn't seem to be getting discouraged.  They did a great job putting into action what I've been trying to learn for the past year, "focus on what is, not on what if."  They could have pouted and moaned about things not working out the way they had planned.  When  that happens, you stop playing with heart.  The important thing is to learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward.  Don't spend all your time and energy focusing on what went wrong, "oh woe is me."  Spend your time and energy reassessing your current reality and doing what you need to do to move forward.  And, if that doesn't work, refocus and keep on trying.  Always keep your goal in mind and move toward your goal even if you have to reassess several times.  Keep moving forward, one yard at a time.  :)

The play where the kicker faked the punt and threw in the touchdown, made me think about another life lesson.  Don't be afraid to think outside the box and do something unexpected.  Even if you shock the world around you, as long as what you plan is legal and moral, it doesn't have to be the norm.  In fact, the norm is overrated.  Creativity and thinking outside the box can have amazing, unpredicted results.

It's not over 'til it's over.  Never give up.  Don't be a fair weather fan like I was and concede that it's over before it really is.  I'm so glad Russell Wilson and the Seahawks didn't give up.  They kept their goal in mind and kept moving forward one play at a time.  Never give up.  We can't see the end result, so it's our job to do our best, work our hardest, and keep moving forward one step at a time.

Thank you Seattle Seahawks for the great life lessons.  I can't wait to see what I can learn while watching Superbowl XLIX,

Thankful thoughts:
Fun field trips
Purple leather coat
Life lessons everywhere
Surprising "yes"

Life Lessons I learned from watching the Superbowl.  A couple of these I learned watching the NFC Championship.  1.  It's not over 'til it's OVER.  I learned this lesson a couple of weeks ago, but I had to remind my family of that at 2 minutes left in the game.  2.  Keep moving forward one yard at a time.  I also learned that passes are intercepted and the whole momentum of the game can change in a moment.  Too bad I seemed to learn that lesson, but I'm not sure the Seahawks did.  Keep the goal in sight and keep moving forward.

I also learned that your goal does not get accomplished when you take your eyes off the goal and focus on your own personal feelings and frustrations.  Fighting with the opposition does not help you accomplish your goal.  In this case, it moved you farther from the goal line.

It really is OVER and in case you've not heard, Seattle did not win.  Word is already out predicting they will play in Superbowl 50.  We'll see if that is the case.  I will definitely be watching to see what lessons I can continue to learn.

I am still a fan.  I even wore my scarf out of the house today.  :)

Monday, January 26, 2015

I'm Growing an Alien

I'm growing an alien on my hand.  Well, not really, unless an alien is conceived by pouring hot water over an area and creating a second degree bun.  But, that's sure what it looks like and it keeps growing.  :)  Fair warning--these photos aren't for the faint of heart, but if you just think about it being an alien, I think you'll be OK.  

I learned a few valuable lessons through this process.  Lesson #1:  When you run cold water over a burn do it for more than a few minutes--more like 15-30.  I know what you're thinking because it was what I was thinking,  "Who has time to hang out with their hand in running water for that long?  Besides, that is a total waste of water."  Well, now I'm thinking I should at least have filled a bowl to soak my hand for 30 minutes or so.  Lesson learned for the future.

Lesson #2:  Blisters may not show up immediately.  Up to about 2 hours after my show of cooking skill, I thought I only had a first degree burn.  Just for your future knowledge, it is not a good idea to completely miss the cup you are trying to pour boiling water into and pour it on your hand instead.  Just sayin'.  A little after 2 hours after the burn occurred, I noticed a small blister forming.  So, I did what anyone would do.  I ignored it and taught my piano student arriving  right about then.  We're all busy so how dare something as insignificant as a possible medical emergency disrupt our schedule.  At this point, I'm still thinking it's no big deal, but I Google how to care for a burn blister anyway.  And, I put triple antibiotic cream + pain relief on it and covered it with a band-aid.  When my husband came home from work, my son told on me and I had to show my blister.  Good thing I did.  That sucker had grown.  We head to the ER, but not before we have dinner first.  Why ruin a good meal?  And, the last one I will get to cook for an indefinite period of time.  Good thing it was in the crock-pot before I burned my hand.  No sense in starving the family.
Day 1 

I come home with a bandaged hand (see top picture), a second degree burn diagnosis, and instructions to follow up with my doctor.  Lesson #3  Triple Antibiotic Cream with pain relief does not mean no pain.  Burns hurt and hurt for a long time (just in case you didn't already know that).
Lesson #4: Burn blisters continue to grow.  Or baby aliens, if that is what is really happening?  It was day 2 that I began thinking I was growing an alien.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

By Day 3, I'm trying to be very careful not to get to close to anything.  The alien baby has grown so much it gets accidentally bumped frequently.  Every time that happens, I can feel liquid sloshing around.  Gross I know!  Gross to read, but even grosser to feel.  When I wake up on Day 4, it's grown so much it is peeking out my thumb hole.  Talk about Gross!  Well, that is that day the alien is born (or the blister burst).  I never did see an alien running around, but who knows maybe someday she will appear on the Miss Universe pageant.  My daughter was wondering why it is called Miss Universe when the contestants are all from Earth.  

In the middle of this adventure, I found myself still having thankful thoughts, so here they are:

1.  Burn is on the back on my hand not on the palm so I can still wheel myself
2.  High pain tolerance
3.  This whole process hasn't disrupted much of my normal routine
4.  Google
5.  Lessons learned for my future or that of someone else
6.  Children willing and able to cook while husband is at work and I can't
7.  Pizza delivery.