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Monday, March 18, 2013


I'm so tired and I've fallen behind on posts.  I will be catching up on my 40 Days with Jesus on my Searching for the Truth blog soon and will be starting a new one to keep you all up to date on my Ms Wheelchair Kansas adventures.  More about that soon, but that is one reason I am so tired.  But, I wanted to get some thankful thoughts out here anyway. 

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Thanksgiving for today
639.  Support
640.  Pampering
641.  Laughter
642.  Memories
643.  Excitement
644.  Getting to be a part of God's plan
645.  True friendship
646.  Social media
647.  Good luck pins
648.  MWKS
649.  Celebration
650.  Cots
651.  Oz Museum
652.  New Barbies
653.  Power of my new uniform
654.  Brainstorming
655.  When all works together