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Friday, January 27, 2012


Our family has started scouting this year. We have a Tiger Cub Scout and an Explorer in the American Heritage Girls. You would think picking a scouting organization would be simple. However, it was not. We wanted to make sure the scouting organization had the same value system we are trying to teach our children at home. Not so simple anymore. After much research, we chose Boys Scouts of America and American Heritage Girls. The only problem being our town does not have an American Heritage Girls troop. I was thrilled to discover since our closest troop is 60 miles away, our daughter can be a troop of 1 or “Trailblazer” and I can be her mentor. We’ve just started this journey, but I’m already excited about helping both kiddos meet badge requirements.

I was even more thrilled as I explored the American Heritage Girls website and discovered “American Heritage Girls first all girls’ organization to Partner with century old Boy Scouts of America”. I felt so validated that all our research had paid off. We had chosen scouting organization for our kiddos that feel their values are so similar, they have partnered.  And, next Sunday just happens to be Scout Sunday so we get to celebrate the kiddos choices and hard work with recognition at church. Don’t know quite what we’ll do, but they will at least get to wear their uniforms.

American Heritage Girls:
AHG Oath:

"I promise to love God,
Cherish my family,
Honor my country,
and Serve in my community."

AHG Mission:

"Building women of integrity through
service to God, family, community and country."

AHG Vision:
"American Heritage Girls is the premier national
character development organization for young women that
embraces Christian values and encourages family involvement."

Boys Scouts of America: 
Cub Scout Promise:

I, (your name), promise to do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
To help other people, and
To obey the Law of the Pack.

Law of the Pack:

The Cub Scout follows Akela.
The Cub Scout helps the pack go.
The pack helps the Cub Scout grow.
The Cub Scout gives goodwill.

Cub Scout Motto:

Do your best.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Loving Technology

I am absolutely loving the technology that is available out there.  I might love it anyway, but I really love the technology that enables me to do things my body will no longer do for itself.  So, I thought I'd share with you all the cool things I have discovered and see what you know is out there I haven't yet discovered for myself.

1.  Let's just start with computers.  I remember taking computer science in high school when the Internet was just beginning and we could go play online games if our work was all done.  Who ever would have imagined that technology would explode like this in such a short time.  Now, I can do almost everything on my computer including connect with friends and family around the world.  I can share my thoughts with all of you via this blog, email, facebook, etc.  I can look up any question I have on Google and find almost anything I want to buy somewhere on the web.  My husband has a lap top which he can use anywhere and we can even watch movies and TV on it.

2.  My cell phone lives in my pocket for instant connection to whomever.  It also keeps me organized with a calendar and alarms to let me know something important is coming up.
3.  My piano is really a full-size Kurzweil PC3x.  So, besides sounding like a baby grand (which it does most of the time), I could learn how to utilize it as a full orchestra.  Cool, huh? 
4.  Plus, VocRehab is currently figuring out technology to help me enlarge music so it is easier for me to see.

5.  Our Blu Ray player can instantly connect to Netflix and other programs, so I can sit on the couch and watch our TV whenever I want.
6.  Loopz and the handheld version .
7.  Kitchen scissors, blenders, food processors, apple corer/slicer/peelers, anything that can cut food and not my fingers. 
8.  Crock pot and my new 3 in one crock pot for sides.  . 
9. Enclosed garlic mincer.  I just drop a clove in the top, roll it around, and Voila!!  minced garlic with no minced fingers.
10. Sleep Number bed--I can make it firm enough to get in and out of it, but soft enough to let me sleep. 
11.  My Kindle because I have a library at my fingertips, I don't have to struggle with a heavy book and turning pages, it can read out loud to me when I can't read for myself, and I can now check out books on it.  YEAH!!

I am thankful for all the technology out there related to my disability:
12. Wheelchair
13.  Electric wheelchair
14.  Reacher
15.  Sock donner
16.  Stair chair
17.  Water chair
18.  Home Buddy
19.  Handicap bars 
20.  Shower chair

I'm sure this is only a partial list of what I use everyday, but it is what I could think of right now.  What else is out there, I should look into?  Does anyone have an idea of what I could use across the door of my wall oven to keep from burning myself when it is open?--kid of like a giant pot holder that will cover the entire open door?  Let me know.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Be Still

I’m working on being still before God, but can’t figure it out. Life is so crazy, busy everyday. It absolutely exhausts me to worry about meals, laundry, cleaning the house, etc. Not to mention taking care of the kiddos and all the volunteer stuff I have packed into my life.

I get to rest on the couch every afternoon, but if I tried to have quiet time before God, I would totally fall asleep. I do nap every day and need to recharge my batteries before the kiddos get home from school and the afternoon excitement begins--including kid’s activities, piano lessons, etc. I’d try being still before bed, but I’m ready for sleep sometimes before my kiddos are at night. So, I’d be falling asleep again. I’d try early in the am--but I barely have time to get myself ready for the day before everyone else wakes up. Does it count if you are quiet in the shower or does the sound of running water drown out God’s voice?

I can manage to do devotions and spend time in the Bible and pray and feel like sometimes God gives me insights then..  I just can't quite manage to figure out how to "be still."  If I stop long enough to relax at all, I totally fall asleep.  So, I'm looking for any great ideas you guys have out there.  How do you find time to "be still"?  What about my need to sleep and recharge so much that I can't "be still" without falling asleep?  How do you "be still" before God when your TBI doesn't want to let you sit and be quiet without sleeping?   Does "being still" in the shower count?

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Sunday School was thought provoking today.  We talked about forgiveness which I think is one of the hardest subjects to discuss. We all know the right answers and KNOW what it is God wants for us to do, but doing it is not so simple. It all goes back to humbling ourselves, loving God, loving others, and rejoicing in trials. That is such important information for all of us to live by. I looked for curriculum for adults on guarding their own hearts, but did not find it. All I found was Guarding Your Children’s Hearts by Gary Smalley It is amazing curriculum for all to hear and apply to themselves, but I’m just afraid people without children will hear the title and automatically think it is not for them.

Some great questions about forgiveness were brought up like whether forgiving makes you vulnerable to being hurt. I didn’t do such a great job talking about what forgiveness means and does not mean. We did that in a small group curriculum here a couple of years ago. I think it was in 40 Days of Love by Rick Warren.  I sure wish I could keep details of what I learned in my head.  The good news is with my memory what I learned a couple of years ago is easier to access than what I learned a couple of days ago.  The other good news is that I have kept my books/study guides, so I can look up the information I need.  And, it is good to refresh my memory about that kind of important information anyway.

What good Sunday School/Small Group curriculum do you know is out there that deals with forgiveness?  Anybody out there know of a study on guarding your own heart not just teaching your kids?