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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Sunday School was thought provoking today.  We talked about forgiveness which I think is one of the hardest subjects to discuss. We all know the right answers and KNOW what it is God wants for us to do, but doing it is not so simple. It all goes back to humbling ourselves, loving God, loving others, and rejoicing in trials. That is such important information for all of us to live by. I looked for curriculum for adults on guarding their own hearts, but did not find it. All I found was Guarding Your Children’s Hearts by Gary Smalley It is amazing curriculum for all to hear and apply to themselves, but I’m just afraid people without children will hear the title and automatically think it is not for them.

Some great questions about forgiveness were brought up like whether forgiving makes you vulnerable to being hurt. I didn’t do such a great job talking about what forgiveness means and does not mean. We did that in a small group curriculum here a couple of years ago. I think it was in 40 Days of Love by Rick Warren.  I sure wish I could keep details of what I learned in my head.  The good news is with my memory what I learned a couple of years ago is easier to access than what I learned a couple of days ago.  The other good news is that I have kept my books/study guides, so I can look up the information I need.  And, it is good to refresh my memory about that kind of important information anyway.

What good Sunday School/Small Group curriculum do you know is out there that deals with forgiveness?  Anybody out there know of a study on guarding your own heart not just teaching your kids?

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