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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Be Still

I’m working on being still before God, but can’t figure it out. Life is so crazy, busy everyday. It absolutely exhausts me to worry about meals, laundry, cleaning the house, etc. Not to mention taking care of the kiddos and all the volunteer stuff I have packed into my life.

I get to rest on the couch every afternoon, but if I tried to have quiet time before God, I would totally fall asleep. I do nap every day and need to recharge my batteries before the kiddos get home from school and the afternoon excitement begins--including kid’s activities, piano lessons, etc. I’d try being still before bed, but I’m ready for sleep sometimes before my kiddos are at night. So, I’d be falling asleep again. I’d try early in the am--but I barely have time to get myself ready for the day before everyone else wakes up. Does it count if you are quiet in the shower or does the sound of running water drown out God’s voice?

I can manage to do devotions and spend time in the Bible and pray and feel like sometimes God gives me insights then..  I just can't quite manage to figure out how to "be still."  If I stop long enough to relax at all, I totally fall asleep.  So, I'm looking for any great ideas you guys have out there.  How do you find time to "be still"?  What about my need to sleep and recharge so much that I can't "be still" without falling asleep?  How do you "be still" before God when your TBI doesn't want to let you sit and be quiet without sleeping?   Does "being still" in the shower count?

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