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Friday, November 16, 2012

Danger of Social Media

Social media can be wonderful. I love the ability to connect instantly with friends and family around the world.  When I have questions or want to talk to somebody, I can do it instantly.  And, typing is way better than texting for me.  But, there is a danger with social media.  Since communication can be instant, sometimes you can post something without thinking it through or making sure it goes through internal filters.  Some feelings are not meant to be shared with the world.  Some thoughts, ideas, feelings should be sorted through privately and often in time with God before you share it with the world.  Social media also lends itself to misinterpretation.  Without the benefit of watching body language, facial gestures, and tone of voice--you may not always get what someone is really trying to say.   Everyone lives with a set of social cues and things that are just understood in their neighborhood.  Well, those don't easily transfer through social media.  Sometimes, what can mean one thing in one part of the country means something entirely different in another part of the country.  And, since social media instantly reaches all parts of the country/world, it is easy to be misinterpreted.  So, what do we do about it?  That's what I want to know from all of you.  Please comment and let me know your ideas about how to make social media a positive experience for everyone.

What are your thoughts about social media?
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Thanksgiving for the Day
68.  Knowing how to stretch out leg cramps
69.  Azure bracing to help me transfer
70.  Alarm clocks with snooze buttons
71.  Christian music channel on TV
72.  MP3 Player
73.  Download able sermons
74.  Fun family events put on my the PTO
75.  Flashlights

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