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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Pain Arrives

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Now it is Monday morning and the pain has arrived.  I am managing it with over-the-counter meds and ice and elevation.  I am able to function through my days, but I am worn out faster and my emotions are more on edge.  I still say I would rather deal with this than side effects from prescription pain meds.  The good news is Azure and I are fast learners and really bonded well at this point.  So, my trainer is comfortable letting me go home a little early to see my own doctor.  So, I make an appointment for Thursday and am relieved that I will be getting medical care from someone I trust and who knows my history.  My accident and drop foot and lack of sensation in that leg complicate matters.  I am not comfortable just having any doctor treat me without knowledge of my history.

I am plugging though this; getting through the training; hopefully learning all I need to know: icing and elevating my leg; resting whenever possible; and looking forward to heading home Wednesday after lunch.  It is HOT, HOT, HOT and where we are headed is the hottest spot in the nation.  Unfortunately, my van is without air conditioning.  So that fact added to the thought that I could have one extra afternoon of training, pushes our departure back until Thursday am--bright and early.  This news breaks me.  No longer can I act strong knowing I'll be home soon.  Our departure has only been moved a few hours, but I'm not sure I can manage to be strong one minute more.  So, I have a mental break down and cry my eyes out.  Thanks to the trainers for putting up with my emotional mess and being strong when I just can't one minute more.

Of course I do make it one minute more.  I make it until we leave bright and early Thursday morning.  And, I sit in the middle seat in the van so I can elevate my leg all the way home.  I make it to my doctor and she takes one look at my x-rays and immediately calls Hays Orthopedic.  I get to see the same doctor I saw last year for my broken foot.  I hope this doesn't become a summer trend.  It seriously messes up my water chair time and water aerobics.  But, I'm glad I get to see her because she takes my history into consideration and I don't get a plaster cast.  With my lack of sensation and history of pressure sores on that foot, I need to be able to removed the cast and look at my skin daily.  We don't want to create a new problem that will take even longer to heal.  So, I just get a boot with the understanding that I will wear my foot plate on my chair and put no weight EVER on my leg until it is healed.  Sounds like a summer of one-legged transferring for me.  Good thing my arms are strong.  :)


Have you ever reached the point you don't think you can be strong for one more minute?
What did you do?
Do you trust all medical professionals the same or do you need to see YOUR doctor?

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Thanksgiving for today:
41.  Clear sky
42.  Beautiful sunrise
43.  Great choices of where to worship God
44.  People willing to help me realize a dream
45.  Watching my dog jump high enough to be as tall as my husband
46.  Freedom of speech
47.  Friends and family who love me no matter how differing our viewpoints
48.  Pinterest
49. How God puts people together
50. People willing to help me work through my struggles.
51. Puppy dog eyes
52. Trusting dog that comes straight to my side

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