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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Training with a Broken Leg

My first splint from the emergency room

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It is now 8:30am and I am leaving the hospital. I am still in no pain and ready to begin my day.  Unfortunately, my plan to go to church can no longer happen.  I am so sad.  :( I ask that we still go to Manhattan and the mall.  No one can believe I'm doing what I am with 6 breaks in my leg.  I have called my family and filled them in on this bump in the road.  They want to come and take care of me.  I tell them I'm in good hands and on my way to Manhattan anyway.  Besides, I intend to stay right where I am.  How can I continue functioning?  Well, it helps that my feeling in that leg is blunted.  I have no feeling in the bottom of my foot or in my toes.  Unfortunately, I do have some feeling in the part of my leg that is broken.  But, I have no pain at this moment.  That's what adrenaline will do for you.  It allows you to continue working even with an injury.  The pain won't show up until later.

We had a great time in Manhattan and a great day of testing at the mall.  Azure did amazing as always and even loved meeting kids and other people.  He is a kid magnet.  The only sadness and tears arrived when I realized my summer plans of water aerobics and using my water chair were over.  There would be no swimming for me.I managed to do great through training, supper, and waiting for my PCA to return for the night.  I took some Aleve and slept in the hospital bed with my foot elevated.  The pain didn't hit until the middle of the night.  But, I was determined to manage it with over-the-counter meds and not put any prescription pain meds in my body.  Good thing I had Aleve with me and the trainers could help out with Tylenol as needed.

That moment in time cemented my bond with Azure.  He has not wanted me out of his sight since then.  Leash or not, you will find him right beside me.  I'm not sure how he plans to keep that from happening again, but that seems to be his plan.  :)  It would help if he would brace for me, but we're still working on that.

I am thankful that I was where I was when I broke my leg.  The trainers were excellent about making sure my leg was elevated with ice on it whenever I could.  There was a hospital bed in my room, so I could sleep with it elevated.  When the pain arrived, they were always ready with Tylenol.  And, they put up with my emotions and Traumatic Brain Injury moments.  Thanks for being there for me.

I found myself in my room that night googling if it is possible to break a bone in the same place twice.  I thought if it wasn't, I might be safe and never break my leg again since I manged to do it so thoroughly this time.  Well, the sad news is I found out it is possible. :(  Difficult, but possible.  I was hoping I could say I would never have to go through this again.


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