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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Voice in Our Future

I am so thankful to have a voice in the election process today.  Regardless of what other's think, I am still optimistic that my vote does matter.  I do believe in the importance of being a responsible voter and researching the candidates before making a final decision.  I don't believe in following friends or family members in how they vote.  I don't believe in letting others make this decision for me.  I do believe in being a responsible adult and researching the candidates for myself.  I do believe in voting based on who I best believe will follow God's plan for this nation.  I do believe that some things are more important than my selfish needs.  I do believe in voting for who I believe will follow God overall even if that means it may cause some personal difficulty for myself.  I do believe in respecting the president no matter the outcome.  Most of all I do believe that while we should respect our earthly leaders, the highest respect goes to God.  He is the One I will follow to the end, no matter what changes may happen on this earth.

How did you make the decision who to vote for?
What was your voting experience like?

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Thankful thoughts for the day:
9.  Friends who still think my brain has something to offer.
10. Crock pots
11. Freedom to vote my beliefs
12. Those who are willing to fight for our freedom
13.  My freedom in Christ that is unchangeable regardless of the changes in the world
14.  Finding books I want instantly on my Amazon Kindle--to buy or library loan
15.  The smell and taste of chunky applesauce with red hots in the crock pot
16.  That my dog will stay right with me leashed or not
17.  You can use Discover reward points on Amazon.


  1. I was sad our polling location did not have any "I Voted" stickers. :( Guess I still need my gold stars.

  2. I couldn't have put better what is in my heart today. It is our job to love others and not demand they change. The Lord is the changer of lives which will in turn lead us to love others and make decisions based on Him and not ourselves. Help me be the change I want to see and just LOVE.

    "If change is to happen it must begin with me for I am the only one that I can change. To change I must look deep within....Am I faithful in prayer as God calls me to be? Do my actions and words display the characteristics of Discipline, Integrity, Humility, Generosity, and Spirituality (RESPECT) that I expect from my children and want to see from others? Am I WORKING for the privileges I enjoy each day? If I want change in leadership I must lead in changing. No matter who is President, no matter who is in Congress, it is our daily desires/actions that lead to societies acceptance and put them there. Lord help me live to be your voice, not mine. To pass on to generations to come that you are our salvation to an eternity beyond this world." Kim Herron