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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Women of Faith--Celebrate What Matters!

I had the opportunity to attend Women of Faith in Kansas City last weekend.  It was amazing.  It reminded me an awful lot of my experiences at International Youth Convention.  That is the only other time I have ever been with thousands of people worshiping God.  And, Friday night, I thought it just might be as loud.  I had to leave the room during the music and listen in the hallway.  I decided at that moment that perhaps huge worship experiences were no longer in my future.  :(  The speakers were amazing, but the loudness of the music made it hard for me to fully worship.

Saturday was better.  I was able to stay in the room for the music.  The worship and speakers were so inspiring.  I felt so close to God and so inspired to bring what I learned home with me.  I've been to camps and conventions before and know the "high" has a tendency to ebb away and you soon lose the inspiration.  I hope that doesn't happen to me, but I'll have to be intentional to keep myself inspired and focused.  I was so inspired by Ann Voscamp and her speech about her book 1000 Gifts.  Keep watching for a book review when I finish reading it and join me in keeping track of my blessings.  I'm trying to find a way to share this information with those around me.

I also found myself inspired by the worship music and felt led to truly worship by the worship team.  I brought their CDs home with me and would love to recreate the experience for those here at home.  I'm not sure how to make that happen.  Any great ideas?  I've asked around for voice lessons here at home and we'll see.  My prayer is that either God will heal my voice or send our church a lead worshiper.  At least I can listen to music and worship privately again.  PTL!!!

The concert Saturday was AWESOME!!!  I have long enjoyed Selah and their song "You Raise Me Up" has been my theme song since the accident.  Who needs working legs when you are on His shoulders.  This concert experience was amazing.  Todd Smith's wife, Angie, was a huge part of the whole Women of Faith experience.  By the time the concert rolled around, I felt like I knew him and his family.  Besides the fact that their voices are amazing, we even got serenaded by some 80s music.  How fun is that!!!  They ended their concert with "You Raise Me Up" and had me in tears.  Hearing it LIVE is an experience I will never forget.

Azure did great at the conference.  I'm not sure he was in love with the loud music eitheron Friday night, so I'm sure he was glad that we left the room.  He did perfect and everyone loved him.  He only barked one time Friday night and I'm not sure what happened, but when I turned around a lady was standing there and said she must have scared him.  Anyway, he got a talking to and did great the rest of the time.  He did lay right at my feet in front of me for the rest of the convention.  It's interesting to see the reaction in a big city.  People know to approach slowly, speak directly to me, and ask permission before petting him.  I could tell they had been around service animals before.  :)

International Youth Convention could learn a few things from Women of Faith.   For one thing, there was no mad rush into the worship service with pushing and running.  We all had tickets and assigned seats.  Having assigned seats was wonderful and made you feel like you could leave and go to the bathroom or shop in the Sprint Center without worrying you would lose your seat.  We were able to experience worship fully.  :)

What worship convention experiences have you had?
How do you combat losing the worship "high"?
What have been your favorite concerts?

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Thanksgiving for today:
18.  God is in control
19.  My children make decisions based on God's Word
20.  My entire family has Jesus in our hearts
21.  Kids excited about giving to others

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