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Monday, November 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Is Not Just a Holiday

I was so inspired by hearing Ann Voscamp at Women of Faith this weekend talk about the importance of thanksgiving and thanking God for all your blessings in life.  I am currently reading her book 1000 Gifts and am so inspired by it.  Stay tuned for a book review.  I am going to start something that couldn't wait another day.  I will be posting my blessings (hopefully daily).  :)  Sometimes they will be at the end of another post.  Sometimes, they will be the post of the day.  Join me on this journey.  Let's make thanksgiving a part of our daily lives.  :)

1.  The way God uses the gifts of talented musicians to speak to our hearts at just the right moment
2.  Those willing to be the hands and feet of Christ
3.  Perfect dog relief areas set up at our hotel this weekend
4.  Finding just the right Christmas concert outfits
5.  Kiddos running out to meet you when you come home from a trip
6.  Fall colors
7.  Finding the perfect jacket in just the right size
8.  The genuine laughter of a child that can't help but bring you joy as they experience joy

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