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Friday, March 2, 2012


They changed the heaters at the grade school this week.  I know they needed it and I'm all for improvement and making sure everything is working properly and safely in our schools.  However, I will miss checking inside the heater to see what had been added.  There were all kinds of fun and interesting things that had been dropped down the cracks, including part of a Pop-Tart that had been there for years.  :)  Makes you wonder what exactly you are putting in your body when you ingest one???  I wonder just how long the new one will stay clean.  And, I wonder how many other people look inside to see what is there?

That got me thinking about the changes in my own school.  We all adapt to new paint or tile or windows.  We actually all adapt to any new changes.  Most are necessary.  I wouldn't want my kiddos to still be working on the same computers I had in school.  (or have the same textbooks)  The only thing I could think of that really made me sad about my old elementary school is when they changed the carpet in the Kindergarten room.  We had the coolest carpet with games printed on the carpet--it could be used for hopscotch, checkers, Chinese checkers, and other games.  It was AWESOME!!!  Well, unfortunately, carpet wears out and it needed replaced.  It was replaced with plain, boring, normal carpet.  :(

Necessary or not, change is hard.  Even though the new may be better, it still takes us time to adjust because it's different.  We get comfortable with the familiar even when it is not what is best for us.

What changes have you struggled with or at least had a moment of sadness about?

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  1. I now know the answer to how long it will take to add something to the new heater. Today (3/6) there is a cute Valentine monkey eraser staring out at me. :)