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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Are Side Effects Worse Than the Cure?

Reading the paperwork that comes with prescriptions can be a bit daunting.  I do not generally take prescription medications and after reading the paperwork with my new prescription, I understand why.  Have you ever really read these things?  Somehow, if I need an antibiotic for 5-10 days, I find myself more willing to put up with some minor potential side effects.  After all, I'm already sick and I'll be done with this medicine in a few days anyway.

Well, this medication has potentially fatal side effects.  Plus, have you noticed that the side effect of some medicines can create the very issue you are trying to treat?  When I read Eric the list of side effects, he said they sound like TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) symptoms anyway.  So, at least he knows what to look for.  Of course, how will we even know if I experience them anyway (cold fingers & toes, one-sided weakness, numbness and tingling, etc.)?  It sounds a little bit like everyday life.

I think I'll stick to my regimen of vitamins and minerals and avoid prescription meds as much as possible.  Of course,  I'll be glad to have it if I ever wake up with a headache that makes me think I'm dying.  I'm sure I'll want to take it then.  And, if I have fatal side effects, maybe I can at least die without a headache.  :)

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  1. Well, I took one and decided I won't be taking another one unless I have a headache that incapacitates me. I would rather live with a little pain than not be able to stay awake or be fuzzy headed and unable to function.