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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Crazy Brain

I saw a neurologist for the first time in years.  I don't know exactly what she expected from seeing my latest MRI and I know my expectations were on the negative side based on past experiences.  I think, for both of us, our expectations did not meet reality.  I expected to meet a doctor who thought she had all the answers and did not listen to her patient, but only tried to solve whatever problems she thought I should have with prescription medication.  This was not the case.

I felt listened to and that she really wanted to help with the areas where I needed help and leave the areas where I am doing fine alone.  My brain appears to be a baffling maze of confusion for all.  Hence my, "If I Only Had a Brain" ring tone.  :)  I think seeing my MRI and then meeting me in person, might be baffling.  There are things I do that a picture of my brain would indicate I can't do or should have pain doing.  There are other things I cannot do that aren't explained by the MRI.  (I've always thought I was a complicated girl.  I guess that's true).  :)

I believe all doctors I've had contact with since the accident and suprised that I am not on prescription medications and have little to no pain.  They can't explain it.  I can.  God healed me of all pain.  I always say walking is overrated.  My chair does not keep me from functioning and doing what God has planned for my life.  If anyone does not believe I have been divinely healed, they should come to my next neurologist appointment.

I am thrilled that I cannot be defined by a piece of paper.  We humans are much more complex than that.  And, God is bigger than any human test.  I do not want people to be able to figure anything out about me (or my son) by a picture of our brain.  I want them to spend time getting to know the real us and see exactly what it is God can do.

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