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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pee Wee Track Meet

Time for the annual Pee Wee Track Meet.  Each grade wears the same color shirt which makes for a fun, rainbow colored field.  And, it makes it much easier to find your kiddos.  You just look for the mass of kids with their colored shirt.  This year I was following yellow shirted girls and white shirted boys around.  It's definitely easier to follow than if everyone was in the shirt of their choice. :)  And, for the fifth year in a row, I managed to see all of my kiddos' events.  I keep thinking we'll surely miss one while we're watching the other kid, but so far we've been lucky.  

Each athlete can choose either 2 field events and 1 running event OR 2 running events and 1 field event.  Our kiddos made opposite choices.  They both chose the softball throw, but that was the end of the similarity.  Our daughter chose the shortest race possible for her age group and 2 field events.  Besides the softball throw, she chose the running long jump.  Our son wanted to run the 400m race, and was disappointed it was not available for his age group.  So, he chose to run the two longest races available for his age group.  :)

I hated the 400m more than any race I ever ran.  I felt like in order to win, you had to sprint the entire way, instead of pacing yourself and sprinting at the end.  I only ran track one year in Jr. High and for some strange reason was put with the distance runners.  Who knows what the track coach was thinking?  Our daughter is already learning the joy of track.  Performing in the events is really a break in the REAL track meet activity--socializing.  That was the most fun part of track for me and looks like it might be for her as well.  :)

What was your favorite event in track?  My favorite was the 200m race.  It was long enough to get up to speed, but not long enough to make me winded and dying on the track.  I also loved the hurdles, but they didn't love me.  It was those hurdle that caused me to kiss the track more than once.  :)  Which events did your crazy coach make you do that you didn't like (whether or not you were good)?

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