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Monday, April 30, 2012

Shrine Circus

BONUS!!!  We were so excited to find out that the Shrine Circus happened to be in Salina the weekend we were there for scouts.  It was even more exciting that there were tickets available and a performance that fit into our schedule.  It has been years since I've been to a three-ring circus and this was the kiddos first experience.  It was so exciting to watch the acts in the three rings and the smooth transition between acts.  Our daughter even figured out that the clowns came to help make the transition between acts smoother.  Plus, they are just plain fun to watch.  :)

Probably the most fun for me was the shine in the kiddos eyes while they watched the circus.  Excitement is contagious!!!  Our son's favorite act was the flying trapeze.  (mine too!)  Eric and our daughter's favorite act was a magic act where the magician's assistant kept changing dresses magically in a silver tube.  We were all nervous by some of the acrobatic acts including the acrobat who walked around the silver rocket.  He reminded me of a hamster in a wheel--until he got on top of the wheel.  :)  Then, we were all nervous thinking he would fall off.  Breathtaking!

During intermission, our son got to ride an elephant.  You could choose to ride ponies, a camel, or an elephant.  Since he's ridden ponies/horses and even a camel before, he choose the elephant.  It is a definitely an unique experience.  When asked how it was, he said SCARY!!!!  Guess there's a reason riding an elephant is an unique experience.

 Of course, you can't have a true circus experience without cotton candy.  Our daughter loved finding discarded beaded necklaces and other circus souvenirs after it was all over.  She said that was her favorite part.  :)  The kids each got a smiley face hand stamp from a clown on the way into the circus.  I got a surprise one on my cheek on the way out.  I told everyone I had been kissed by a clown.  :)

FYI--Frozen Lemonade is great for a sore tooth.

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