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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Please Follow Rules of the Road

This is a post I've really debated writing for quite some time.  How can you ask people to stop doing something that they're doing to be nice?  My initial response was that I have a traumatic brain injury and it confuses me when I'm trying to remember the pedestrian rules of the road, but the driver's aren't following theirs.  I haven't written this because maybe my confusion was all due to my brain injury and no one else should take responsibility for that.  Also, I always have a care attendant with me to let me know for sure when it's safe to cross the street.  So, while I might get confused by some cars stopping to let me pass--I was never in any real danger.

Well, this week, I noticed my son expecting all cars to stop for HIM.  I'm sure this is probably because some do stop for me while he is with me.  I'm sorry to those who HAD to stop.  Thank you so much that you did!!!

It's confusing for those trying to remember appropriate rules of the road when not everyone follows them.  Please help me teach road safety by following the rules of the road yourself.  I've even known of fender benders happening when one car didn't realize the car in front had stopped to let someone cross the street.  Please let's everyone just follow the rules of the road.  I promise to stop at all intersections and wait my turn to cross and hopefully teach my children to do the same.  If you have a Stop sign, please stop.  But, if you have the right of way, please keep driving.  Let's keep everyone safe.

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