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Monday, March 5, 2012


Why is whining so prevalent in the world around us?  Why is it so natural in my home?  Why is the "normal" response to disliking something whining to get your own way?  Why are we as humans predisposed  to wanting our own way and not caring how our whining makes those around us feel?

The food being served in our home is the catalyst for whining on more days than not.  So, what to do about it?  There is always the option of giving up serving meals and making everyone fix their own food.  That is not really an option, if I want my family members to eat anything warm (or healthy).  I wonder how many days of ice cream and nothing else it would take before ice cream would get boring?  When told the dining room was a "no whining zone," I was promptly told that there was no sign.  So, now there is a sign.  Anytime whining begins, I just point at the sign.

This morning, there was whining happening in the van.  When I said, this is a "no whining zone," I was promptly told there is no sign.  You can't win for losing.

I've noticed whining has a very negative effect on me--I tend to get grouchy and whiny myself.  This is not how I want to behave toward anyone, especially my family.  Not to mention, it leaves me anxious, stressed out, tense, and unable to relax.  And, sometimes brings on my famous headaches.  So, I am working on rejoicing in all circumstances.

What have you found that helps you relax and not get stressed out while those around you are whining?  What works to keep yourself from whining?

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