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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Legs Are In the Shop

My legs are in the shop.  Well, not my actual legs, but my wheelchair.  I call it my legs because it serves the same purpose--gets me where I need to go.  I am currently using my spare pair of legs (spare wheelchair).  :)  I never imagined I would care which wheelchair I used.  I mean they're all the same, right?  WRONG!!!

This all reminds me a bit of a previous post.  This is another example of how we all struggle with change.  Don't we all do it whenever we try to drive a new vehicle?  It may be an amazing change, but it is different.  It takes us a few times to figure out where the turn signal, windshield wipers, and gear shift are in the car.  And, that is just the normal stuff in all cars.  It even happens with a good change, a new car or a brand new wheelchair. Change is just hard for us to get used to.

This, however, is not a great change.  I am in a holding pattern.  But, I have made it through 2 days without my legs and only have 2 more to go.  I miss my chair custom made to fit to size.  It feels like I'm missing part of my body.  I kept my cushion and removed the arms from this chair after a day and a half, trying to pretend it's the same.  No such luck.  It moves differently, hops over door jams differently, and the wheels are further apart than I am used to.  It reminds me a bit of when an ambulatory person gets a new pair of shoes.  They walk differently and their feet feel differently until their shoes are "broken in."  

I will be thrilled when I pick up my legs (real chair).  I am excited to have it back, working smoothly, with two unbroken anti-tip bars.  Come quickly Friday!!

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  1. My legs are no longer in the shop, but they are not fixed. A part was backordered, so the day will come again when my legs are back in the shop. AAUUUGGGHHH!!