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Friday, March 9, 2012

Ms. Wheelchair Kansas--Here We Come

It is time once again to head to the Ms. Wheelchair Kansas Celebration.  I know I've been excited about this for weeks.  This is one event I look forward to every year.  But, I had no idea anyone else in my house was just as excited.  We have been going to this weekend every year since 2006.  Which means the kiddos have grown up with this program and love seeing many of the same people each year.  The kiddos have not gone with us every year, but after seeing their excitement this year, I think we may be taking them along as much as possible. 

Our son began packing early in the week and kept asking daily when we were going.  He was fully packed early last night and willingly cleaned out the vehicle with no whining so it would be ready for our trip.  Our daughter is excited to go see everyone and talked about people by name that she would get to see again.  This year is even more special for her, because she is working on the All God's Children Badge for the American Heritage Girls scouting program.  We spent our last scout meeting time doing some of the other work toward the badge.  It definitely helps that she has been immersed in this culture since she was 2.   She has a better understanding of how to treat people with disabilities with respect than some adults I know.  Part of how she gets to help with the weekend is helping set up the silent auction.  She is PUMPED!!!  This is her favorite part. Wonder what she'll find that she thinks she needs???  I'm pumped she gets to spend some one on one time working with another woman in a wheelchair.  It'll be good for her to have experience with someone other than her mom 

Can't wait to get there.  Check out the program at their website.

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