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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who says I have to be an "adult.'?

Why does the world assume I don’t want to read anything that is not classified in the adult section of the library?
Why am I sometimes more excited by DVDs and curriculum created for teens than that created for adults? I have been asked why and I’m still working out the answer to that. The easiest answer has been “We work with teens. My husband is a youth pastor and I need to stay current with teen culture.” I did go from being a youth to a youth worker and it was expected I would immerse myself in youth culture. That was an easy answer, until my husband stopped being a youth pastor and I still find myself drawn to young adult culture. My daughter and I read some of the same book series and equally love them. Perhaps the easy answer now would be to stay connected to my children and immerse myself in their culture. But, that does not answer the question, really, Because I am sure I will still enjoy youth culture even when my children are adults themselves. The real answer is because it’s good. Just because the target audience is younger than my chronological age, doesn’t mean it’s not well done and worth my time. Besides, sometimes there are “adult” topics that I don’t want to deal with and for the most part I don’t find them in material created for the youth culture. I will always be a kid at heart.

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