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Friday, January 20, 2012

"Dophin Tale" Movie Review

I’m dying to write a movie report about Dolphin Tale. Before we watched it, I knew it was a true story based on a dolphin who lost her tail and was fitted with a prosthetic. However, I had no idea it would be so thought provoking when it comes to disability in general and how people look at the disabled and their quality of life. It was inspiring that the kiddos in charge of her care would not give up on her. When adults in their life were ready to end her life because her disability did not make life worth living, they would not give up. What a testimony about how your spirit can overcome any physical disability and no one should ever give up on you.

This movie impacted me so much, I looked up a bunch of movie reviews.  Not very many of them talked about how impactful this could be for the disability community.  Maybe it was just me, but that is what I took away from this movie.  I don't believe we are defined by our bodies and what they can or can't do.  We are defined by our spirit, which will live eternally.  Besides, there is so much technology out there to compensate for a bodies limitations.  My limitations don't stop me from accomplishing what is most important in life.  They just cause me to slow down and prioritize what exactly is important in this life and will impact eternity.

We watched it last night as a family and I absolutely loved it.  It made me cry and definitely is more of a thinking movie than a mind-numbing comedy, but I thought it was great.  In fact, if I were teaching students who would one day work with the disabled population, I would use this movie as a teaching tool.

Go out there and watch this movie and let me know your thoughts.  I realize every person's life experiences color their reaction to everything around them.  How have your life experiences colored your reaction to this movie? 

If you're not in the mood to cry or really think about life, watch a comedy instead.


  1. That's a movie I'm looking forward to seeing sometime. Angel, your spirit is quite an inspiration!

  2. Our son loved it so much he used part of his Christmas money to buy it. :)