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Monday, January 9, 2012

Is Christmas ever really over?

I have been what I call “de-Christmasfying”. I had gotten everything else put away last week and just dreaded tackling the tree. It doesn’t help that there is no way that is something I can do by myself and I’ve had a lot of alone time lately. It’s also not something my children can help see to completion. They are only 7 and 10 and not quite tall enough to reach the very top. Well, I am very pleased to say my PCA and I put away the decorations today. The tree itself is just waiting for my husband to get home from work to put away. And, I managed to get it done before they took the tree down downtown. J That is my measuring rod. As long as I am done before the city, I am still OK. Plus, if you start the 12 days of Christmas on Christmas Day they weren’t over until the end of last week anyway. So, all of you out there who think Christmas is over on December 26, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong. Christmas is never over at our house. We celebrate the birth of Christ all year round. My nativity scenes are up all year and so are my husband,s Santas. We do live in the Christmas City of the High Plains after all. J It’s just dealing with the drat tree that causes some stress. I love it up the day after Thanksgiving for as long as I can keep it up. But as long I get it taken care of while Christmas decorations are still up downtown--I feel good about myself.
Gotta love the Peanuts

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