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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Kansas!

Happy 151st Birthday Kansas!!!

What a day to celebrate!  We didn't do all that much today, but couldn't let the day go by unrecognized.   I wore a sunflower/wheat corsage to church which brought a lot of questions and more than one opportunity to explain the reason.  What better reason to celebrate than the birthday of this great state.  We also has ice cream to help celebrate this afternoon.  (It couldn't have anything to do with seeing deer.  :))

But, the best news is finishing our blog to book about all our Kansas adventures last year.  What an amazing way to help immortalize a moment in time.  We should forever be able to revisit the book about our journeys and relive the experience of the past year.

Our celebration of Kansas Day really started yesterday, January 28.  We attended the Kansas Day Celebration at Sternberg Museum in Hays.  They had an area all set up to learn about Kansas symbols and the kiddos each got to enter a coloring page of a Kansas symbol in their coloring contest.  This would have been a great place to learn about Kansas symbols and a great place to start our adventures.  I was pleased that the kiddos already know all of the symbols and can spout from memory information about our great state. We got to see a tiger salamander and ornate box turtle live and in person.  My favorite part was getting to hear the recording of the meadowlark.  I absolutely love that call and it is unmistakable.  More than once on our adventures we have heard the call, stopped in our tracks, and began searching for the meadowlark.  There is no other sound like it in the world.  I was impressed that even I learned something. The sunflower is not one flower, but hundreds or thousands in each bloom.  Each petal and seed is considered a flower.  I have sunflowers all over my home, but never knew that.   That just goes to prove, there is always something new to learn, no matter how familiar something seems.

Our Kansas adventures are not over.  We may have finished 150+ things in one year, but we are not done exploring.  Every time we leave our house, we are exploring the world around us.  We had heard there had been snowy owl sitings around Kansas.  Of course, we had been looking and hoping to see one.  Well, last night, Eric spotted one.  So, we stopped and enjoyed the beauty of God's creation.  The kiddos even named it Hedwig.  :)  Hopefully, we will never lose our sense of adventure.

Happy Birthday Kansas!

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