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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here We Go Again

I am a little frustrated this morning. My headache is back. Only this time it’s a bit different. It did not wake me up in the middle of the night, I had it before I even went to bed. It did make sleeping difficult, but I managed to get some sleep on and off all night. And, it’s still there. Stinkin' headache!!! I am totally going to make a doctor appointment today to see if there is anything they can do. And, I am going to go see Dr. Matt tomorrow instead of waiting until next month.

I’m frustrated because I got so used to feeling OK most of the time, that I could manage how to function through life. I would get tired and have to take a nap, but other than that, I was getting a lot done. When my headache arrived, I had just tried to teach our daughter how to do counted cross-stitch. Well, I had only imagined I could start doing that again. Two stitches later and my head was killing me. I was quite disappointed. I finally get my hands to working enough that I thought I could begin cross-stitching again. I loved it!! Well, that is not going to happen. :(

I also get frustrated because I think I’m getting better or at least stabilizing and figuring out how to live life. Then, something like this slams me. The headaches are bad enough that they cause life to stop. I don’t feel like I can plan much of anything because I’m not sure when a headache will hit. One I considered a fluke, especially since the MRI was fine. Now, however, I don’t know when to expect it to hit and am afraid to schedule anything for fear of having to cancel or not be able to do it. This is slightly on the annoying side to say the least. The fact is, I will not allow this to stop me from living my life. I will continue to do what is on my schedule--just in pain. That ought to be fun for everyone. :)  What good will it do me to take to my bed anyway? I'm hurting no matter where I am so I might as well try to be productive.

Update:  I saw the doc and am being treated for an infection in the sinus cavity behind my right ear and an ear infection.  Plus, I'm getting an appointment set up to see a neurologist.  Maybe I'll finally feel better and can get the answers I need.

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