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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Music Fuels the Soul and Calms the Mind

I know not everyone loves Christmas music, but I do.  I can't wait until I hear the first strains and put all my Christmas CDs in my kitchen by my CD player the day after Thanksgiving.  I am more than thrilled that there is a holiday music channel on our cable TV.  I can have Christmas music no matter where I am in the house.  This year, it has meant even more to me as my piano students prepare for their Christmas recital and I have been looking up the stories behind the songs they are going to play.  You really should look up the stories or at least really listen to the words.  My advent reading for today was about music and says, "Music fuels the soul and calms the spirit.  Music is universal.  Christmas music is timeless."--Ace Collins

What has Christmas music meant in your life?
What is your favorite song?
Do you take time to listen to the words?

Here is a song I really listened to the words for the first time today and was impacted.
Listen to the words and let me know what you think.

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Thanksgiving for Today:
220.  Dr. Matt
221.  Ability to sleep in the car
222.  Seeing God continue to connect the dots
223.  "Mom, This is good." in response to dinner
224.  Naps

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