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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Giving thanks as you wait

Take time during this season of long lines and waiting in traffic and otherwise to take that time as a gift to slow down, look around, and give thanks for the blessings around you.

What wonders of the season can you find as you wait in traffic or in line?
What is your normal response to waiting?

I've decided waiting just gives time for more Christmas music.  What do you do while you wait?
Can you enjoy being still while we are forced to do it?

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Thanksgiving for Today:
225.  Suprises in lunch boxes
226.  Working toward personal goals together with your child
227.  Kids challenging themselves
228.  The Christmas City of the High Plains
229.  Christmas music ringing out through downtown speakers
230.  Giving Spirit
231.  Jump Drives
232.  Massage
233.  Moms in Prayer

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