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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas movies

One of my favorite parts of this season is the ability to watch lots of Christmas shows and movies.  I always enjoy waiting for the classics like Frosty and Rudolph and Charlie Brown.  These days abcfamily makes it so much easier by having their "25 Days of Christmas" and showing Christmas movies all month.    Now, these of course, are mostly secular, but they are still fun.  And, they do have things such as Little Drummer Boy and Nester the Long Eared Donkey.  Of course, I will have to use my own personal copy to watch The Nativity which I think we'll watch as a family on Christmas day.  There are some movies that are holiday favorites and I want to watch every year (like the classics and the Santa Clause Trilogy).  There are also some new ones that have fast become favorites that I want to see every year (like Prep and Landing).  

Last night, we watched a movie that most people wouldn't consider a Christmas movie.  We saw The Lion of JudahAlthough it is mostly about Easter, it does talk about Christmas and the animals featured in the movie were present in the stable at the birth of Jesus (the King).  The movie was so well done and brought up so many questions from my children.  It was a great way to spark a conversation about Jesus (the reason for the season) and not only Him as a baby, but Him as our King and Savior.  It was an amazing evening.  Check out this movie. It was a perfect Christmas movie for us because the Thriving Family Advent readings that we are doing this year talks about a different name of Jesus each day and we had done Lion of Judah earlier this week.  Check out the Advent activity calendar at

What are your favorite Christmas shows/movies to watch?
Which ones do you want to make sure you see every year?
Which ones do you want to share with your children?

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