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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Celebrating the Reason for the Season

I realized something today as I began some of my advent readings for today.  Officially Advent does not begin until tomorrow, but some Advent readings begin the first day of December.  It finally dawned on me why I was getting stressed about decorating for Christmas.  I realized I like to have all my shopping and decorating done before Advent officially begins so that I can spend this month focusing on the reason for the season.  As I'm looking at my tree with decorated presents underneath, I feel peace.  Why, because my tree is up?  Because my shopping is done?  No.  Because I know that no time will be taken from the time needed to focus on celebrating Jesus and spending time making this Advent special for my family.  Advent means anticipation of HIS coming and that is what I want to focus on this year and every year.  I want to spend time thinking about what God did for us--coming to Earth and becoming human and then dying on the cross so we can have eternal life with Him in Heaven.  I want to spend time thinking about what it is I can do for Him while I am here on Earth.  I want to think about what it means to be obedient to Him? .

What are you doing to celebrate Advent this year?
How much of this season do you spend thinking about the Reason for the Season. ?
Have you ever thought about how helpless and dependent on humans God was when He came as a baby?
Have you ever thought about Mary and Joseph's great responsibility?
What is God calling you to do during your time here on Earth?

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Thanksgiving for today:
203.  Fresh smelling laundry detergent
204.  The promise of a new, clean piece of paper
205.  The hope and joy radiating from a bride
206.  The giving spirit
207.  The bright, shining sun to warm the day
208.  Sounds coming from children's Christmas practice
209.  The waiter who brings me Mango Lemonade without having to order
210.  Knowing songs from hymnal without looking at the words
211.  Children willing to sing a special 
212.  People willing to serve
213.  Women feeling comfortable enough to open hearts and genuinely share needs
214.  Planning continued women's fellowship
215.  Friends willing to manage my wheelchair and provide a ride to special events.

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