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Saturday, December 22, 2012

God With Us

The concept of Emmanuel or God with Us has been on my heart a lot this season.   And, I seem to be finding it wherever I look, so it must be important to share.  This is not exactly a Christmas song, but it has a powerful message.  And, that is what we are celebrating this season--when God came to Earth to be with us.  It is important to me that we remember this all year long--God loves us so much He came to Earth to be with us and then died on a cross for us to pay for our sins and make it possible for us to spend eternity in Heaven with Him.  Thank you Jesus for your sacrificial love.

What does Emmanuel, God With Us mean to you?
How do you experience God with Us in your every day life?
What name/aspect of Jesus really tugs at your heart right now?

O Come, O Come Emmanuel.  While we celebrate His first coming, may we never stop anticipating His second coming.

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Thanksgiving for today
317.  Presents made with  love at school
318.  Christmas lights at Cedar Bluff
319.  Dinner by Christmas light
320.  Watching a demonstration and learning the name of the martial arts stance of the TMNT McDonald's Toy
321.  Seasonal flavors
322.  YouTube
323.  The nation responding to tragedy with Random Acts of Kindness
324.  Smelling like a candy cane

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