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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Programs

Christmas is the time for great music and great programs!!  This year my kiddos got to be in three--the school program I posted about earlier, a piano recital, and the church program.  Hard to say which was my favorite--they were all great.

The piano recital was definitely the most work for me (and my son says for him too:)  )  It was the recital of my students and they all did amazing.  It was work because although they are few, they each played at least one solo--sometimes more and one duet.  All the duets ended up being with me although they were originally planned with each other.  It was a lot of work for me because I researched every song played so I could give some history before each song.  It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun and I learned things I never knew.  (I'll post what I learned in another post.)  It was the kind of preparation and event that when it is over you just want to CRASH for a couple of days.  Unfortunately, that was not possible for any of us.  The next morning was the church program.

May I just say the church program was AWESOME!!!  (I'm not the least bit prejudice or anything)  :)  I absolutely love hearing the Christmas story as told in Luke and in Matthew.  Both were part of this production with lots of comedy.  Giggles are a necessary part of any children's production, but it is even more FUN when they are supposed to be there.  My wise man did his silent part perfectly and even knew the words to "Silent Night"--the only song he got to sing.  I was also proud to watch him at the end of the performance singing "Just As I Am" and "Family of God" with the congregation.  He must be paying attention to know them by heart.

My daughter was a member of the angel choir and knew all the songs by heart (not to mention everyone's part).  She sang her part of the trio perfectly and remembered her lines (after she got over stage fright).  We're so thankful her voice was back before performance--it was gone during dress rehearsal.  I'm so thankful for a stage FULL of kids willing to share the true meaning of Christmas with others.  I'm thankful even the little ones were allowed to express their joy and wonder at this story.  I'm thankful for everyone's hard work and dedication.  I'm thankful the church was packed enough to cause stage fright.  I'm thankful there were so many people there new tables and chairs had to be brought out for lunch.  I'm thankful for the focus on Christ, the reason for the season.

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