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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Lights at Cedar Bluff

Our only real trip to specifically see Christmas lights was out to Cedar Bluff.   If you're only going to make one trip--this is definitely worth it.  The trees are covered in lights and there are a few other fun lights around to see.  The great thing is you can stay in your warm car (or semi-warm if the windows are rolled down) OR you can brave the cold and take a hay ride.  We chose to stay in our semi-warm vehicle.  Then, the family decided to get out to enjoy roasted marshmallows and hot chocolate and the singing of carols by local singers.  They were even thoughtful enough to bring me some hot chocolate.  :)  I wonder just how long it takes to get all the lights in the trees.  If you happen to know, let me know.

What are your favorite Christmas light experiences?
This made us come home and watch several episodes of Extreme Christmas Lights.  This is what Eric would like to do to our house.  What do you think?  We do live in the Christmas City of the High Plains after all.  :)

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