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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things I Look for When I Enter a Room

What do you look for when you enter a room?  I think that changes as your stage in life and your needs change.   When I was younger, I don't remember looking for anything specific when I entered a building.  My first memory of looking for something specific was after I had children.  At first, I was looking for a quiet, private area where I could take them if they needed to eat or nap.  While I was potty training, the bathroom became the first thing I looked for.  You need to know where it is before someone being potty trained says they need to use it.  :)

After the accident, my search became more specific.  I needed to know not only where the bathroom is but where the accessible bathroom is (if there is one).  By the way, if a bathroom has a disabled sign on the door, please be truly wheelchair accessible.  There have been bathrooms I have been in that only need a bar on the wall to make them accessible.  Please, just add a bar--especially if you advertise accessibility.

This week, I added another item I look for when I enter a building--power outlets.  I always carry my charger with me when I'm out on my power chair.  However, it does no good if you don't know where to plug in.  So, I find myself scoping out the outlets in  every building I enter.  Now, I can charge while I wait (if I need to)

What do you look for when you enter a building?  Do you look for anything?

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