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Friday, April 13, 2012

"Extras" at the Rec Center

Why do I work out at the Rec Center and not just at home?  Well, the obvious reason is they have a NuStep and machines I can use.  I can't really walk or jog around the block.  Well, I say I "walk" downtown and "walk" the kids to school, but while they are getting great exercise, riding my power chair doesn't exactly burn calories or tone muscles.  :)   So, to the Wellness Center I go.  But, I've discovered there are extra benefits that I wouldn't necessarily get at home.

I don't ever watch news at home.  I get my headlines from whatever pops up on my computer screen.  However, Fox News seems to be on at the wellness center much of the time.  So, I get more news than I could ever need while I'm working out.  Also, to avoid raised blood pressure from a news overload, I tend to put my MP3 player in my ears.
Although I do have music loaded on there, I don't often listen to it.  I find myself listening to sermons I have downloaded or the Bible Experience.  So, working out gives me more time with God.  :)

There are generally other people working out at the same time.  And, while I mostly keep to myself--it is hard to keep a conversation going with an MP3 player in your ear--I have started noticing how others use the machines.  And, it has inspired me to try new and different exercises.  Some have been welcome additions to my workout.  Some have been flops.  But, you never know unless you try.

So, what "extras" have you found at your gym?

Before I had TV at my house, if I planned my visit at the right time, I could watch The Price Is Right.  That was always a fun perk to my day.

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