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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Social Studies Cookies

Our daughter's fourth grade social studies class has been doing something very interesting.  They are studying all 50 states, and when they finish a region, they have a cookie party.  What fun is that to have a class time reserved for tasting cookies!!  ;)

They get to grade each others cookies (not for a classroom grade, just really for themselves).  There is already a list of what to try and make for ourselves this summer.

Cookie making is quite an adventure in this household.  Our daughter and a friend chose to make them together--and there was a lot of giggling going on while they were measuring the ingredients and rolling the cookie balls.  I was pleased to see them practicing the skills necessary to make the cookies themselves from scratch and even doing math to figure out how many cookies each classmate can have.

We did sample one last night and I have to say they are very peanut buttery.  Since I don't love peanut butter desserts, I would have to give the taste a B-, but I give them an A for cookie making effort. They seemed to have a great time and even cleaned up after themselves.  :)

I was excited they picked Ohio's Buckeyes.  It's always nice to represent a state we once lived in.

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  1. The classmates all gave them an A or an A+ or an A++++++++