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Monday, March 26, 2012

Tanganyika Wildlife Park

We got to visit Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard this weekend.  It reminded me greatly of our Kansas adventures last year.  I guess this just goes to show we will always be adventuring.  It's just part of our nature.  This time, Eric's parents, brother, and nieces and nephew got to join in the adventure with us.  

This was an interactive experience unlike any others we have had.  The kiddos got to pet several animals which were being held by wildlife staff.  And, these were not the animals you typically get to pet.  I have never had the opportunity to pet a penguin, honey badger, or armadillo before.  Getting to pet a red kangaroo reminded me of the zoo I visited in Australia, but this one did not have a koala to hold.  :)

It did have a Kookaburra

Honey Badger

Red Kangaroo
Red Kangaroo

She has a joey in her pocket.  Can you find the ears?

A walk around the entire zoo took about 2 1/2 hours, including all the interaction time.  The other adults in our party were impressed at the lack of walking required.  The kiddos had a great time interacting with the animals and playing with their cousins.  There were not as many animals to see as at other zoos with the same admission price.   I missed great apes and even our son said he wished he could have seen elephants.   For this admission price, I expected everything to be included once you pay admission.  Prepare yourself if you go.  That is not the case.  Many of the interactions--feeding animals, camel or horse rides cost 1 to 5 tokens.  Tokens cost $1 each.  So, take extra money with you if you want the whole experience.  

Even the big boys got to ride the camel.
The fish pond/river was the scariest part of the day for me.  I kept thinking a kid was going to fall in and my power chair wouldn't do well in a rescue mission.  ;)

Our day ended with two little boys trying to mimic the giraffes and skip along their fence.
Feeding the Giraffe

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