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Friday, March 30, 2012

Music to My Ears

It was music to my ears this morning as the kiddos were getting ready for school.  Our son needed to study for his social studies test.  Although we had studied last night, this morning he requested help from his sister.  I offered to help, but was told by both of them she was more fun.  :)  Imagine that!!

So, instead of fussing and fighting with each other, I heard laughter and singing.  They were making up songs with dance moves to help him remember all he needs to for his test.  I'm not sure how his teacher will like it if he breaks into dance during the test, but we'll see.  :)  At least they were having a great time studying and putting all kinds of social studies knowledge in their brains.  Did you know Oregon sounds a little like Oreo??  (Eric thought that up last night.)

I remember learning things to funny sayings when I was growing up.  Mom & I made up sayings all the time (or she passed on what she already knew).  Glad to see that memory technique is being passed down.  :)  I asked our daughter where she learned to put test information to song.  I was kind of hoping she would say me or grandma.  But, she told me Adventures in Odyssey.  Oh, well.  I always knew I liked that radio program.

And, I was literally experiencing music to my ears as they were singing.  What a fun way to start the morning.

Any great tips out there for making studying for tests more fun?

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