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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cabella's--Wichita, KS

We visited the new Cabela's in Wichita this week.  It is, of course, amazing and full of all your hunting needs.  If you've been to Cabela's in Kansas City, this one may seem a bit small.  It is only one floor after all.  :)  There are even green stop signs in the parking lot to match the decor.  I have to wonder how well that will work.  My 6 year old nephew said "Green means go, not Stop."  He is right, of course.  We'll see how many drivers think the same thing.

There is amazing decor that will keep you interested all over the store.  (even if you're not interested in the hunting gear).  :)  We did not get pictures of everything.  When you go, pay attention as you walk around.  There are even animals up in trees along the aisles.  Look for the footprints on the floor.  You'll find them if you pay attention.  :)

We always look for the Bargain Cave whenever we visit a Cabela's.  Good thing it was easy to find and full of bargains to check out.  There are departments for clothes, household goods, camping, fishing, guns, archery, etc.  We even managed to find the bows that our kiddos have at their grandparent's house.    Whatever you're looking for in the outdoor realm, you will find if you look hard enough.  We found more than we ever could imagine, but all we left the store with were  spiced almonds.   It's not fair that they set up their roasting cart in the middle of the store.  It just smells too good to walk away empty handed.
Can we fix one up for my power chair?

Every store should have a wheelchair
accessible dressing room.  :O
The width of the glass on the aquarium

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