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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bugs Bunny Club--Augusta Theater

Eric has mentioned the Bugs Bunny Club many times throughout the years and always said we should go if we're ever in Augusta when it is happening.  Well, we finally got our chance this weekend.
The Bugs Bunny Club starts with a parade of dancing kiddos around the theater having a great time and following Bugs Bunny.  The movie shown is one that is currently available on DVD.  In fact, we had seen all the movies being shown this month, but it is still super fun.  Plus, they stop the movie twice at places with cliff hangers and pause for contests and prizes.  Keep your ticket stub, they may call your number.  This week was fire safety and besides seeing the cool fire truck outside the theater during one break firefighters crawled on the floor in the darkened theater to give an example of what you might hear if firefighters had to enter your home to look for you during a fire.  Then they had a contest with audience members trying to put fire safety gear on the fastest.  The second break had a jump rope contest.
Be sure you stay until the very end.  You could win a bike or movie passes.  :)

I don't care how often someone tells you about  it; you can't understand how awesome it really is until you've experienced it for yourself.  The energy is electric.  I found myself saying we should have our own small version in our movie room in our basement.  What about it?  Would anyone come?  Does it matter?  It would be fun for just the four of us.

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