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Monday, February 6, 2012

Rock Star Parking

When asked if there are any good parts to being in a wheelchair, I always respond, "Rock Star Parking."  (Thanks Rob for teaching me that phrase.)

However, as I discovered again today Disabled parking permits should not necessarily mean disabled parking. It is still possible to park straight and within the lines of the parking space. It is not necessary to park on the wheelchair loading zone. It is not necessary to “borrow” someone’s permit and hop out of your close parking spot and almost run into the store.   It is not necessary to park on the sidewalk.  It is definitely not necessary to break the bar at the end of the parking spot signalling you to stop.  (Don't know what that's called)

I'm thankful for disabled parking because it puts me closer to the door.  It doesn't force me or my care attendant to weave through cars and cars to find mine and dodge those backing out that can't always see me because I'm low to the ground.  I'm thankful I can avoid much weather because my parking spot is closer.  The kiddos enjoy close access to entrances at places like Disney.  :)

What are some other benefits of the Rock Star Treatment that comes with a disability?
  • Avoiding long lines at amusement parks
  • The occasional restaurant who seats you first
  • Reserved floor seating at concerts
  • Larger bathrooms (to accommodate wheelchair)
I know there are more.  What are some of the others you can think of?

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