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Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend Shopping with a Wheelchair and a Service Dog

I think I might just be CRAZY!!!  Of course those of you who know me well knew that already.  :)  I have all my life enjoyed Black Friday craziness.  The wheelchair has put a  bit of a crimp in those plans, but it hasn't stopped them completely.  Mostly since the accident, I have been doing my Thanksgiving weekend shopping at a store in a small town.  That still gives me the excitement, but not quite the CRAZY crowds.  Also, last year, I have discovered the excitement of Cyber Monday and getting great deals from my own home in front of my own computer.  Not quite the same level of energy, but still the same level of great deals and an excellent way to finish my Christmas shopping.  I am usually mostly done before Thanksgiving and only need to do inventory of what I already have and get my last minute items this weekend.  Well, this year, Eric, Azure, and I decided to brave Wal-mart.  YIKES!!!

I have to give them credit They did a descent job with crowd control and managing lines.  We had no trouble getting into the store in timely fashion.  All the disabled parking spots were taken, but I'm not really surprised by that.  And, I wouldn't be surprised if someone had borrowed their disabled relative's parking permit.  Anyway, we got in before any of the "big ticket" sales started.  I was also pleased that they were trying to manage crowd control by giving out tickets and having you stand in line for the item you wanted.  It definitely eliminated pushing and shoving and people getting hurt.  Eric chose to stand in line for a couple of hours while I tried to do some other shopping around the store.  DO NOT CHOOSE THANKSGIVING WEEKEND TO DO REGULAR SHOPPING!!!  Many of the aisles were blocked off by caution tape!!  Fortunately, Wal-Mart employees let me go under the tape to find non-holiday items.  The places where people were lined up seemed a bit strange to me.  Eric spent over 2 hours in the juice and cookies aisle waiting for a TV.  I wanted to buy toothbrushes and had to maneuver around people waiting for an IPad.  At least most people were willing to help me reach the items I couldn't.  And, most people were willing to try to make room for a wheelchair and service dog.  They even tried to get out of the way as we were fish moving upstream heading the opposite direction of all the other shoppers heading to check-out.

Azure did such a great job managing the CRAZINESS.  He stayed right with me and didn't get upset with anyone!  I did have to tell some people to please not distract him while he was trying to work.  He was trying so hard to stay right with me throughout the masses of people and tight aisles.  That is not the greatest time for a sneak pet.  He loved it when we took a break and stood with Eric in line so he could lay down.  Before the end of the night, we had figured out a way to maneuver through the store missing the biggest crowds and caution tape.

After our line ended and we could get the TV, it was time to check out.  It looked impossible and like it would take all night.  But, Kudos to Wal-mart for making the check-out process as smooth as possible.
We got out fairly quickly compared to some of my Thanksgiving weekend check-out adventures.  Then, I came home did a last minute inventory check and got ready for Cyber Monday.  I am officially finished with that excitement and officially finished Christmas shopping!!!  YEAH!!!!

What Thanksgiving weekend shopping experiences have you had?
How is your Christmas shopping coming?
Who is the hardest person to buy for?

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Thanksgiving for today:
147.  Kids who listen closely enough to my speech to be brought close to tears
148.  All family members up and ready with no problem
149.  Friends willing to share true emotions with me
150.  All three asleep in middle seat (2 kids and 1 dog)
151.  Invitation to a special mother/daughter night planned by my daughter
152. 3D Snowflakes
153.  Reading book series with my daughter
154. Volunteers
155.  Cyber Monday sales that help me get all Christmas presents done before December
156.  Heavy coat,  gloves, scarves, and earmuffs
157.  I know the end of the story--We win!!!
158.  City bus

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