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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Adventures in Odyssey 25th Birthday Bash

Our whole summer vacation was planned around the Adventures in Odyssey 25th Birthday Bash.  Adventures in Odyssey is an important event at our house and although we rarely get the radio show listened to while it is on, we frequently listen to it via the internet or download episodes on the MP3 Player.  Episodes on cassette tape are playing from our daughter's bedroom daily.  I think we've listened to the ones we own so many times that we have them memorized.  :)

The giant Birthday card we all got to sign

It was so much fun to see the cast we listen to on Adventures in Odyssey and learn about their past history and work.  Just in case you were wondering, if you watch Finding Nemo, the seagulls were voiced by the same character actor that plays Wooten.  It's important to Eric and I that he voiced Wakko Warner on the Animaniacs.  We could have been listening to him when we got engaged.  :)  And, Mr. Whitaker also voiced the Keebler Elf and Owl on the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.  Oh, and for the parents out there, you might recongize Penny from SNL.

It was pretty special that out of the whole audience, they picked 2 kids to come up and blow out the birthday candles on the 25th Birthday Bash cake, and our daughter was one of them.  

The cast did a great job (of course) and they were so fun to watch. They had a great time with each other and said this is how it always is recording the show.  They seemed to be a real family.  One of the most fun parts to watch was the sound mechanics making all the noises that are necessary for a radio show.


George Barclay



After the show we waited in line for autographs.  It was packed and slow moving once the actors arrived.  Guess everyone really loves Adventures in Odyssey.  :)

What have you ever driven two states to see?
What concerts have you planned a vacation around?
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