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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Introducing the Newest Member Of Our Family

The newest member of our family is a 3 year old yellow lab service dog.
He was trained at KSDS in Washington, KS.
His working name is Azure   He is from the Shades of Blue litter.  If you don't know what azure looks like, here it is:
You can call him AJ, or good dog, or good boy, or sweet baby, or really anything positive and nice.  :)

I went to Washington to meet him and work with him for a couple of weeks this summer.
We bonded from day one.
After I broke my leg (on his birthday), he has not been happy to have me out of his sight for even one minute.

He is super protective of me and sometimes barks or growls if he doesn't know you well yet.  We're working on that and the more comfortable he gets with you the less he barks.  He tends to bark when startled and more often at men.  He is just trying to do his job and keep me safe

He helps me by picking up dropped items for me, pulling my wheelchair, and pushing the disabled entrance button.  I don't need to borrow the electric wheelchair in stores anymore.  Those electric carts are slower than regular walking speed and he can pull much faster than that.  :)  I'm excited to keep learning and seeing what all he can do to help me out.
We had started working on me bracing and helping me with transfers, but my broken leg has made us pause in that training.  It will be great when we can start that again.

He LOVES playtime and getting to spend time running around and relaxing.  His favorite thing is to play with  is his CUZ ball and chases and retrieve it over and over. He likes the one with the feet chewed off best of all. :) Right now we're having to play first thing in the morning because it is so hot.  It is just no fun to run around when it is over 100 degrees. What a great way to start the day.  Don't we all wish we could start with play time?

We're excited to meet all of you as we go through our daily lives.  When we meet, remember that he is working.  If you want to talk to or pet him, make sure you ask me first if it is OK.  If it is a good time, I will have him sit or lay down and let him know that you are about to pet him.  Thanks for helping keep us safe.  

FYI--Yellow lab hair shows up really well on a black boot cast on a broken leg.  I think I should own stock in lint rollers.


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  1. The dog is really sweet. I think he kinda feels what you feel in the wheelchair so he does his best to help you.