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Monday, April 23, 2012

Still Teething?

We all expect babies to teethe.  We expect there to come a day when they are cranky and fussy and then teeth appear.  We try to provide teethers or a teething ointment to try to help them.  We try to hold them and  console them, but do we really understand?  Does teething ever really end?

We don't talk about it much after the baby teeth come in.  Molars arrive until the early teens.  Then, the wisdom teeth come in. That is an experience in and of itself.  When they initially come in, it is much like  babies cutting teeth.  The wisdom teeth are breaking through the gum line that has never been broken before.  I've always said that mine have continued to grow occasionally and although a bit uncomfortable, it is something I've come to expect.  I told Eric that and he said I was crazy.  So, I googled it and found others saying the same thing--Wisdom teeth continue to grow.  Now we all know, if it's on the Internet it must be true.  Right???  :)  I'll be sure to ask my dentist.  I think he's a more reliable source.
*The dentist said once the wisdom teeth are fully grown in they Do NOT continue to grow.  The gums however can change around them.

Well, this weekend I woke up with extreme pain in my mouth.  It's in the gum line directly behind the wisdom tooth on the bottom right and possibly includes the tooth itself.  We'll find out for sure when I visit the dentist.  It's horrible enough it has effected my ability to sleep and I even bought myself some adult strength Oragel.  Nothing has really been helpful except eating something frozen--guess those frozen teethers really do work.  :)
The really bad news is it is on the right side of my body and when I feel pain there I know something is really wrong.  The good news is it is on the right side of my body so I'm pretty sure I am not feeling the level of pain I would be if it were on the left.  We'll find out tomorrow what I'm dealing with and I'll update you all then.

In the meantime, I have a new found empathy for teething babies.  I'll try to remember just exactly what a pain it is.

*Well, the dentist found part of a piece of popcorn in the gum behind my wisdom tooth.  So, no I am not still teething and I do not have to have my wisdom teeth removed.  I still have empathy for teething babies.  :)  And a new love for Tylenol 3.  :)

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  1. I'm no longer in love with Tylenol 3. It cause shaking and an upset stomach. Still looking for a pain killer that will work and not cause side effect. :(